New Student Course Instructions

New Student Course

This page explains the steps necessary for you to log in to Brightspace, USM’s Online Course Management System, and start your required New Student Course. You will be notified when you are granted access to this course in your Maine.edu email account typically 1 to 2 business days after your Enrollment Deposit is processed, please check that email account frequently.


1) Navigate to the websitemy.usm.maine.edu

We encourage you to “bookmark” or save this link as a “favorite”


2) Enter your UMS username and password.

If you need help with this, contact Technology Support Center, also known as the Help Desk by email by help@maine.edu, by calling 1-800-696-4357, or by live chat. You will need to identify yourself by providing your USM ID number or other information from your MaineStreet account (DOB, address, etc) 


3) Click "Login"

login prompt


4)  Click on the Brightspace icon.

Once in your my USM Portal, find and click on the Brightspace icon. It is found on the left-hand side of the screen, within your “Launchpad”. 

Launch Pad showing Brightspace Icon

5) Click on New Student Course.

Once in Brightspace, find the section called “My Courses” and click on the course with the term that you are admitted in, for example, “USM New Student Course (Fall 2022)".

A picture of the brightspace landing page showing the Fall 22 course

6) Start the Course!

Click the "Start Here (Course Instructions)” Module to get an overview of the course expectations. Then, review sections 1-4.

A screen capture of the bright space module beginning for new student course

7) Afer reviewing Sections 1-4, complete the Quiz in Section 5.

8) Request your Advising & Course Selection (AC) appointment in Section 6.

Please note that you will not be able to access the ACS request form until you earn the required score of 80% on the quiz in Section 5.

9) Continue to prepare for your ACS & Starting at USM in Section 7 and beyond!