Student Leaders

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Read all about the opportunities to be a part of our team of student leaders for Fall 2019 Orientation and Welcome Weekend! We are currently recruiting for both Orientation Leaders and Pack Leaders!

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders (OLs) are student leaders who play a vital role in helping new students and families acclimate successfully to the USM community during their Fall Orientation experience. OLs work directly with Student Affairs staff to help guide new students and their families through a range of experiences by assisting in the facilitation of educational workshops, leading campus tours, running special events and programs, all the while helping to build strong peer-to-peer connections.

“Being an OL gave me a feeling of connection to my community. The people I met through serving as an Orientation Leader are some of my closest friends today. It kick-started my application to be a resident assistant. You build confidence in new situations and feel more comfortable in yourself. Plus, they pay you!” - Cooper, Orientation Leader

"I definitely made friends and connections that carried on throughout both semesters because I was an Orientation Leader. It was definitely one of my favorite things I have been involved in within this past year!" - Maddie, Orientation Leader

Read the full OL info sheet (includes required dates, qualifications & requirements, and compensation info).

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Pack Leaders 

Pack Leaders (PLs) have a longstanding tradition of being the first friendly faces that new students and their families meet in Gorham during Fall Orientation and Welcome Weekend Festivities. Pack leaders help create a positive experience for new students by directing traffic, answering questions, assisting with move-in, unloading cars, and running events during Fall Orientation and Welcome Weekend. Being a Pack Leader is a great way to develop leadership skills with less of a time commitment than being an Orientation Leader.

Read the full PL info sheet (includes required dates, qualifications, conditions of employment and compensation info).

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(Priority Applications due by May 3, 2019)