Office of Research Integrity and Outreach

HRPP Training

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) course

All investigators, faculty advisors, research staff*, and IRB Board Members are required to have completed the appropriate CITI online training modules on Human Subject’s Protection.  The training is required to be taken every 4 years.  IRB applications will not be processed or reviewed until this requirement has been fulfilled.

Please use the visual guides provided below for reference on registering for the require CITI course:

Students, Faculty, Staff, and External

Question 1: Social & Behavioral Research Investigators, take the course entitled "Social and Behavioral Research - Basic/Refresher". Biomedical Research Investigators, take the course entitled "Biomedical Research - Basic/Refresher"

IRB Board Member

If you have taken a CITI training external to the University of Maine System (UMS), log into CITI and add an association with UMS.  Otherwise, provide a list of individual modules taken regarding human subject research.

In addition, so long as an approved protocol is active, investigators must also update their qualifications at least every 4 years. This qualification must be maintained in order for investigators to continue research activities.

If a member of the research staff * has completed CITI training with another university, institution, organization, etc. within the last 4 years, then a completion certificate must accompany the application. Please contact Human Protections Administrator with questions at . Only CITI training will be accepted.

*research staff are considered to be persons who 1) obtain data about living individuals for research purposes through intervention or interaction with them; 2) obtain individually identifiable private information for research purposes; 3) obtain informed consent of human research participants.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at or (207) 780-4517.