Office of Research Integrity and Outreach

Request for e-Protocol User ID

In order to submit a protocol using the e-Protocol Management System for Human Subject Research investigators must request a user ID from the Office of Research Integrity and Outreach.

To request a user ID, please complete the form below. Requests are processed during regular working hours. When processed, you will receive a TEMPORARY password from eProtocol / Key Solutions.  The temporary password is active for 24 hours once the email is sent.

Example: PhD, BA, BN, etc
University of Maine System, please use email address.
"Other" option at the end of the list.
CITI training MUST be completed by all research staff prior to SUBMITTING a protocol. FMI: Module: Social & Behavioral Research - Basic/Refresher; in some cases Biomedical Research - Basic/Refresher
If you are external to USM, what is your affiliation with USM or one of ORIO's Collaborative Member organizations? Such as, who is the Principal Investigator for the research.