Office of Research Integrity and Outreach

Student Classroom Projects

Student Classroom Projects (SCP) are lead and monitored by faculty.

SCP Policies and Procedures (pdf)

SCP online application form (external link)
       Sample form (pdf)

General Policy:

2.1   The Institutional Review Board (IRB) recognizes that an important aspect of a University education is for students to engage in innovative classroom projects assigned by their instructor. The IRB recognizes that many of these student classroom projects involving human subjects pose little to no risk to participants and do not meet the definition of research. Therefore, such projects do not need to be individually reviewed by the IRB to ensure the protection of the human subjects. In these specific cases, the IRB will instead grant a general classroom approval and not research or not human subject research determination for the classroom-based assignments.

2.2   Protocols that present enhanced risk to the human subject participants, to other individuals outside the classroom, or that are intended to create new knowledge or that lead to scholarly publication will not qualify for general student classroom approval and will instead warrant individual review by the IRB or Office of Research Integrity and Outreach (ORIO).

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