Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education

Osher Map Library "Schoolgirl" Maps Featured in Atlas Obscura Article

Sarah Laskow from Atlas Obscura recently published an article focusing on Susan Schulten's findings on "schoolgirl maps." This new look at an important aspect of education for women in an emerging nation features a number of maps from the collections of the Osher Map Library. 

"Some of the most influential educators at the time, including Emma Willard, a pioneer in education for women and another subject of Schulten’s work, saw maps as powerful tools to aid memorization and analysis.

One of the more fascinating aspects of these maps—made mostly by young women, but occasionally by young men—is how they reflect a growing sense of American identity."

Visit the Atlas Obscura website to read the full article, "In Its First Decades, The United States Nurtured Schoolgirl Mapmakers."