Occupational Therapy Program

Attending USM for the Master’s in Occupational Therapy program was the best academic decision I could have made...

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The professors are so great with focusing on individual student needs, being flexible and understanding student difficulties, and they are very welcoming to honest feedback and strive to make the program better at all times.  This MOT program is intensive but effective.  I believe this program is so effective for many reasons, two main reasons involving the small number of students in each class, as well as the level of diversity in each class.  My class consisted of 24 students total, ranging from ages 22-60.  Some students were married with children, others engaged, and others single.  With this mixture of students, we were all able to practice OT techniques on different body types as well as gain perspectives from many different experiences and backgrounds. 

Furthermore, this program is so effective in the way that the curriculum is organized.  I did not realize how much I was learning in the classroom until I was able to apply my knowledge and skills during my level II fieldwork opportunities.  I was praised on my interpersonal skills and ability to problem solve and find answers when necessary, in which I attributed much of this praise to the USM program and faculty for always re-iterating the importance of following a client-centered approach and building rapport with clients. 

This program helped me to understand that my skills will never be perfect and I will never know all the answers in this career field; however I do know that I have the tools and skills necessary to find the answers to any problem that may arise during my career as an OT.   I am so proud to say that my master’s degree comes from this well-established and accredited program. Katie N., MOT ‘12