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The MOT program at the University of Southern Maine includes the opportunity for students to engage in five separate fieldwork experiences throughout the curriculum.  Students will complete three level I experiences, which occur concurrently with their coursework. These experiences take place in both community and clinical settings, highlighting traditional and non-traditional sites for occupational therapy.

Students are required to complete two 12-week level II fieldwork experiences at the completion of their coursework. These fieldwork experiences are supervised by an occupational therapist and provide an intensive application of the knowledge learned throughout the program. The MOT program maintains active contracts with a variety of sites locally, nationally, and internationally.

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***Instructions for Fieldwork Students***

CastleBranch - for background checks, verifying immunizations, and other required materials

Fingerprinting Instructions (this is a two step process, full instructions here)

State of Maine Fingerprinting Program (register at a fingerprinting site)

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Level I Fieldwork Learning Objectives

Level I Evaluation of Student

Level II Student Preference Survey

Level II Fieldwork Learning Objectives

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AOTA Fieldwork Resources

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