Occupational Therapy Program

MOT Student Accepted to Summer Institute for Future Scientists in Occupational Therapy

Melinda Blais

Please join the Master of Occupational Therapy program in congratulating second year student Melinda Blais for being accepted as a participant in the Summer Institute for Future Scientists in Occupational Therapy through the American Occupational Therapy Foundation and the American Occupational Therapy Association. The Summer Institute is extremely competitive and acceptance into the program is a prestigious honor!

As one of the chosen applicants, Melinda will attend the Summer Institute at the University of Kansas Medical Center on a full scholarship for flights, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and meals. Melinda has also been invited to attend the 2-day Occupational Therapy Summit of Scholars immediately following the Institute, which will allow her to engage in mentoring opportunities and help develop research-centered networks as she pursues her research-focused career.

Well done and congratulations Melinda!