Occupational Therapy Program


Occupational Therapy Ranked 9th in the Forbes Best Jobs for 2015

Of the top 200 best-rated jobs in the U.S., Occupational Therapists came in at number 9.

April is OT Month!

Occupational Therapy Month began in 1980. It is in April to correspond with AOTA's Annual Conference & Expo.

Forbes: The Best Jobs In Health Care In 2014

The third-ranked job, occupational therapist, also came in third last year. Like dental hygienists, occupational therapists tend to work a 9-5 schedule and to determine their own level of commitment. They help people in physically demanding jobs like construction, get back to work, as opposed to physical therapists, No. 5 on the list, who treat more general injuries. Their median annual income is $75,000 and the BLS projects a growth rate of 33% from 2010-2020.

Careercast.com lists OT as # 7 in top ten best careers

"Occupational therapists work with the injured or ill and use routine activities to speed rehabilitation. Demand for their skills is high as they focus on modifying each patient's physical environment while training them to use equipment to increase independence."

Attending USM for the Master’s in Occupational Therapy program was the best academic decision I could have made...

This program helped me to understand that my skills will never be perfect and I will never know all the answers in this career field; however I do know that I have the tools and skills necessary to find the answers to any problem that may arise during my career as an OT.

A student comment on preparedness for the OT field.

Preparing and presenting this inservice felt very natural to me, and I believe I have the MOT program to thank for this....