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Frequently Asked Questions

For the most frequently asked questions about parking at University of Southern Maine please see the following ...

We highly recommend you sign up for the USM Weather Delays and Cancellations alerts as this will let you know if ... 

  • USM is having a delay opening, closing early, or closed for the day 
  • In regards to the Parking Garage: 
    • Parking Garage opens 30 mintues before USM's delay start time 
    • Parking Garage closes 1 hour after USM's closing early time
    • Parking Garage is closed when USM is closed 
  • Parking Services opens at the USM's delay time, closes at USM's closing early time, closed when USM is closed
  • There is a Parking Ban happening and where to park during the parking ban

You may also call USM Storm Line at 207-780-4800 or 1-800-800-4876 (Option 2).


Campus Information

Spring 2021 to Summer/Fall 2023

Construction for the Portland Campus Development Project has begun by University of Southern Maine. As such, parking on the Portland Campus for anyone will be limited. Do make the necessary time adjustments in locating a parking spot as not to be late for your class or appointment. The project is proposed to be finished in 2023. 

Portland Campus Development Project 

The University of Southern Maine is undertaking an exciting transformation of our Portland campus, investing in student success, and enriching our strong community partnerships. With the construction of a new Career & Student Success Center, an environmentally-friendly residence hall, and a welcoming, spacious quad, we are substantially upgrading student facilities and developing an iconic, inviting Southeast campus entryway to our academic community. 

Check out their Frequently Asked Questions webpage for more information. 


8/27/2021 Parking Update:

Please see our latest news post about parking on Portland Campus for the Fall of 2021. Located here

New Fall 2021 Parking Map for Portland Campus can be found here


Summer 2021

Construction for the Deering's Corner Roundabout by the City of Portland has begun and will finish at the end of August. 


Gorham: If you and your family are visiting the Gorham campus as a prospective student, you may park in the dedicated Office of Admissions spaces near the water tower. Other visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit from the Public Safety Office for short-term parking. Public Safety is located at 28 Husky Drive on the Gorham campus.

Portland: On the Portland campus, visitors can use the parking garage located on Bedford Street.

Lewiston: Visitors on the Lewiston campus can park anywhere.


Free parking is available for the members of the public to access this trail point of the Alden Hill Trail system from University of Southern Maine Gorham’s Campus.

Please park in University of Southern Maine's (USM) G20 surface parking lot, which is on Husky Drive, off of Route 25 in Gorham (photo below). Park as close to the access point (x mark in orange) of the trail that you can, in the last two rows of G20 Lot facing the tree line (highlighted in orange). Parking is free and will be on the honor system, as you are a member of the public and not someone attending USM in any way.

USM's G20 Parking area for Alden Hill Trail System

 The Alden Hill Trail system is maintained by Greater Portland NEMBA and not University of Southern Maine. Greater Portland NEMBA can be reached at their website or email them at Please consider donating to them as they work with volunteers to sustain the trails. They say this trail is primary for mountain biking.

 Any University of Southern Maine (USM) Parking questions or concerns or citations (tickets) contact USM Parking Services. USM Parking Services is located on USM’s Portland Campus in the Parking Garage on Level 1 Lobby, you may reach us at (207) 780-4718 or email us at

 As always, if there is an emergency or personal safety issue, do not hesitate to go to USM Public Safety, located in the building (circled in yellow) attached to G20 surface parking lot. They are open 24/7 year round. Their direct number is (207) 780-5211.

Happy Trails!

Yes, all students may bring their own vehicle to campus, including first-year (freshman) resident students. You must have a valid parking permit (hangtag) on display. 

First-year resident students have assigned parking lots, which include: G13A, G13B, G13C, G14, GS1, GS2, and G12A. The signs are green/white striped. 

Information on Parking/Snow Bans:

Students and employees should expect that a current or recent snowstorm is indicative of an impending parking ban. Information about impending parking bans is distributed via text and/or email through the USM Alert Emergency Warning System. We highly suggest you sign up for this alert system. 

Or call USM Storm Line at 207-780-4800 or 1-800-800-4876 (Option 2). 


Information on Parking during a Parking/Snow Ban:

To facilitate snow removal efforts, it is necessary for all students and employees parking on campus during snowstorms and parking bans to move their vehicles to designated spots when required.

  • All Resident Students and Employees must be aware of any snow bans and check to see where to park during a snow ban or snow removal periods on the Gorham Campus. 
  • There is no parking on surface lots not listed on the ban notice or on Level 4 of the Parking Garage on the Portland Campus.
  • If vehicle is found hindering snow removal operations there will be a $50.00 citation or a possibility of being towed at the discretion of the Public Safety officer on-duty at that time. 

When parking during a Snow Ban in the Parking Garage on the Portland Campus:

  • Do not park near any openings as this prevents the removal of snow and any storm debris that may be needed.
    • Vehicles parked on Level 4 of the Parking Garage during a ban may be fined or towed for obstructing snow removal.
  • Vehicles are to park on the Ground Level of the garage away from any openings. If full, you may move up one level, again not near any openings. 
  • For USM students/employees: Hangtags are required and to be displayed correctly at all times.
  • For members of the community: There is no charge to the public for vehicles entering after 5:00 p.m. and exiting before 8:00 a.m. the following morning. If vehicles are not removed by 8:00 a.m., parking fees will begin accruing. 
  • If the University closes due to weather conditions, the garage will also close; usually one hour after the University closes. All vehicles intending to park for the length of the ban must be in the garage when it closes, if the University is closed the following day the garage will also be closed. The Garage will reopen when the University reopens.

In Gorham: Students and Employees can leave their vehicles on the Gorham campus overnight or during University-designated vacation periods as long as they have a valid and current parking permit on display, color side facing outwards. 

  • Students and Employees, who live on campus, must park in their designated lots per their assigned parking permit color for overnight parking while on campus. Employees, please park in the Employee lot closest to the building you live in. 
    • For University-designated vacation periods or away for a period of time, park in Lot G-13 between the designated long-term parking signs. 
  • Students and Employees, who do not live on campus, must park in Lot G-13 between the designated long-term parking signs for University-designated vacation periods and overnight. 
  • If you think there may be a parking ban while away, please park in the Portland Parking Garage so you are not towed or make arrangements to park off campus elsewhere. 

In Portland: Students and Employees can keep their vehicles in the Parking Garage on the Portland campus on the Ground Level as long as they have a valid and current parking permit displayed.

  • Please keep in mind that the Parking Garage is only open from 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, closed on the weekends, federal holidays, and when USM is closed. 
  • Make sure you park away from any openings, so Facilities Management can clean up any debris or snow caused by a storm. 
  • If the Gound Level is full, you may go up to Level 1. 

In Lewiston: If someone needs to leave a vehicle on campus outside of normal building hours they should notify LAC facilities ahead of time by emailing them at or call them at 207-753-6536. 

Permit Information

Yes. All parked vehicles in University of Southern Maine (USM) parking lots on the Portland and Gorham campuses must display a valid and current USM parking permit which comes in the form of a hang tag hung from a vehicle's rear-view mirror, with color side facing outward. 

Motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters are not required to display a valid USM Parking Hangtag to park on the Portland and/or Gorham Campuses. You may park in a regular spot. Although, you must registered it with Parking Services. This allows Parking Services know who it is registered to and let you know where to park. 

Keep in mind a parking permit does not guarantee a place to park. 

On the Lewiston campus, you do not need a parking permit.

Students: You may register for your parking permit prior to the beginning of any semester and valid for an academic year (September 1 to August 31). Requests for parking permits for the fall semester will be taken after mid-August. 

OLLI: Please see Osher Lifelong Learning Institute for parking permit information. 

Employees: USM Employees, Retirees, and Sodexo Employees parking permits are valid for a calendar year (January 1 to December 31) and can be applied for at any time. Permits for the new year will be availble after December 1.  

Please see our Parking Permit webpage for more information! 

Commuters & Residents Students: Starting 2021-2021 academic year, USM Fees through the Tuition and Fees of attending University of Southern Maine were changed. The new Comprehensive Fee was formed and it covers fixed costs of providing educational and student services not already supported by tuition. This includes the former separated Transportation Fee. The Comprehensive Fee is charged to all students and there will be no addtional cost to students to get their permits. 

USM or UMS Employees and Sodexo: Parking permits (hang tags) cost $25.00 for the calendar year.

Retirees: There is no cost for our Retirees. The permit is valid for the calendar year. 

⇒ Reminder: The only additional cost with your parking permit (hang tag) is to pay any citations you may owe. 

Visitors: In Gorham, dedicated Office of Admissions spaces are near the water tower for prospective student and their family and all others must obtain a visitor parking pass from the Public Safety Office. In Portland, park in the Parking Garage


We will only mail your permit to you after you order your permit online from the USM Parking Portal and fill out the Google Form for you as the student or employee on the very last page before you log off or close out of the Parking Portal.

  • We check these Google Forms throughout the day, Monday - Friday as it let's us know a permit is sold and where to mail it to. 

If you cannot use the Parking Portal, fill out your parking permit application type found under Parking Permits and send it back to us via email or mail. We will mail your permit to you either to your local mailing address, campus office, or residential mailbox. 

Note: You will not be able to get a parking permit (hang tag) if you have unpaid parking citations. You will need to pay the citations first. 

If you lose your parking permit (hang tag), a replacement can be purchased for $22.00.

You must notify Parking Services if you lost your permit before applying for a replacement permit. 

Use the Replacement Parking Permit Application PDF icon to apply for the replacement permit, if you cannot use the Parking Portal

Please return your parking permit (hang tag) to the USM Public Safety Office at 28 Husky Drive on the Gorham campus or Parking Services Office in the Garage at 88 Bedford Street in Portland or mail it to:

University of Southern Maine 

Parking Services Office

PO Box 9300

Portland, Maine 04104

Vehicle Information

Please email us at or mail to our mailing address with the following information from your vehicle's registration and we will update your vehicle's information in our system. You may also send us a copy of your vehicle's registration via email or mailing address. 

Plate State:

Plate Number:

Plate Class:

Vehicle Make:

Vehicle Model:

Vehicle Color:


Fuel Type: 

 Is this vehicle registered in your name? Yes or No

No, you do not need a special permit. But you must registered it with Parking Services. This allows Parking Services know who it is registered to and let you know where to park.

Surface Lots: Motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters are not required to display a valid USM Parking Hangtag to park on the Portland and/or Gorham Campuses. You may park in a regular spot based on your registration with Parking Services.

  • However, do not park in hash marks as they are in place to provide adequate turning for buses/vehicles and/or for use in conjunction with disability parking.
  • Motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters are NOT allowed to park in a fire lane, grassy area, sidewalk, loading dock or any area that would obstruct traffic.
  • If assigned a parking permit for a vehicle, do not have your parking permit showing on your motorcycle or moped or scooter as it cannot be secured and unattainable like in a locked vehicle.

Parking Garage: Motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters are allowed to park in the Parking Garage.

  • If your motorcycle or moped or scooter is primarily made of metal and over 550 pounds then the Parking Garage entrances or exits gates’ machinery and software will recognize it.
    • You may ask for a QR Code assigned to your parking permit to use in entering and exiting the Parking Garage.
  • If your motorcycle or moped or scooter is primarily made of plastic and under 550 pounds then the Parking Garage entrances or exits gates’ machinery and software will not knowledge it.
    • If this is the case, turn off your motorcycle or moped or scooter and walk it through the Garage entrance’s pedestrian walkway then park it in the non-signed parking spot. To exit the Garage, have it turned off and walk it out through the Garage entrance’s pedestrian walkway.
      • Do use caution when entering and exiting the Garage for pedestrians and traffic.


On the Portland Campus at the entrance of the Parking Garage on the outside wall. The entrance is behind Abromson Center closer to the Skywalk from Bedford Street. 

On the Gorham Campus at the entrance of Russell Hall on the outside wall overlooking the basketball courts in front of Upton-Hastings Hall.

These stations can be used by our students, employees, and visitors to University of Southern Maine campus.

These chargers are Level 2, 4 amp, 240 volt, with a 25 foot long cord and has a universal charge connector that works with most electric vehicles. If the universal charger does not work with your vehicle, check with your vehicle’s manufacturer, who may have a universal charger adapter you can buy to use with our chargers.

You do not need a Plug Share account for using it, but you do need to follow University of Southern Maine’s rules and guidelines along with the following. 

  • There is a 2 hour charging limit at a time. You cannot be plugged in all day! Even on the weekends. 
  • You must unplug after the 2 hours and park elsewhere to allow another person use of the charging station.
  • If no one is using the charger after an hour, you can park and plug in for another 2 hours. Again, be aware of your charging times. 
    • If you have a newer vehicle that locks the charger into the port and no one can unplug you then you must be aware of your charging times at all times.
  • If you do not want to follow the rules outlined by Parking Services, then do not use it!
  • If you harass anyone who unplugs you after waiting for your 2 hour limit to be up, you will be reported to Public Safety and the local police. You will receive a letter from us, as well, informing you of the fact you are not allowed to use this Charger again. Harassment (Including any destruction) in any form will not be tolerated.
  • If you do not unplug after the 2 hour limit or if you stay plugged in long after the 2 hours or harass anyone, your vehicle will be reported to Parking Services and placed on our No-park List and subject to being towed at your expense! 


Do note: You do not have permission to use the Charging Station inside the Garage. This Charging Station and the parking spot in front of it is reserved for a Special Permit Holder. When not in use, please see Parking Services Office for permission.   

Parking Services will make every effort to work with you, so when in doubt, please come see us!

If your vehicle was towed due to a parking ban or snow removal periods, please contact Public Safety at 207-780-5211, and the tow company information will be given to you, at which point you need to contact the tow company to make arrangements to retrieve your car.

NOTE: **If your vehicle has been towed and you have gotten the tow company information you cannot drive off with your car without speaking with the tow company to make arrangements for payment**

If your vehicle was towed due to a parking fine, there is a hold on it. Please contact Parking Services at 207-780-4718 to either pay fines or make a payment plan agreement. Once this step is fulfilled, Parking Services will inform Public Safety to release the hold on the car. Once the hold is released, Public Safety will release the tow company information to you.

 - Parking Services normal business hours are Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm.

- Public Safety is open 24 hours/7 days a week/year round.  

Fines Information

All outstanding fines, including those under appeal, must be paid off or receive an appeal decision before a parking permit may be issued.

Not paying tickets could lead to official academic information being held until all payments are made in full and you will be reported to Community Standards. 

If you receive a parking ticket and wish to appeal the violation, you must complete an appeal form and attach any supporting documentation within 10 days of receiving the ticket.

If the bill is in error, please contact us. Our number is (207) 780-4718 and email is Please provide any information or documentation that proves your statement.

If you receive a bill addressed to someone not known to you, you need to submit a statement in writing to:

University of Southern Maine

Parking Services Office

PO Box 9300

Portland, ME 04104 

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