Parking Services

Parking Tickets (Citations) and Appeals


If you need to pay for your tickets (citations), you may pay online or in person.

  • Special Notice: If you received a citation or citations from March 1 to March 22 in 2020, contact us before you make a payment. We are voiding all citations that are worth $25 that were issued during that time frame only. All other citations (especially parking in disability spots and hash marks adjacent to disability spots) will remain and valid.  
    • If you applied for a parking permit for the 2021-2022 academic year, we have voided the $25 citation(s) given during the above time period as we processed your permit request. 
      • Otherwise, if you owe any other citation(s) you will be contacted by us via your email address before your request is processed and a permit is issued. 


  • USM Parking Portal is available to anyone to pay citations.
    • You must have the citation number in order to pay for it. 

In Person

  • Portland Campus
    • Parking Services Office
      Lobby of the Parking Garage on Level 1 (88 Bedford Street, Portland, ME 04101)
      Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. Closed on Weekends.
    • Phone: (207) 780-4718
    • Email:
  • Gorham Campus
    • 10/22/2021 Update: Not available at this time. 
    • Public Safety Building
      38 Husky Drive, Gorham, ME 04038
      24 hours per day 


If you receive a parking ticket and wish to appeal the violation, you must complete an online motor-vehicle appeal within 10 days of receiving the ticket.

After reviewing the facts, the Parking Services Supervisor will contact you with a electronic-written decision by email to the email address that is provided from the appeal's online form.


⇒ For complete information on penalties, fines, and towing, see Rules and Regulations.



This webpage was updated on 10/22/2021.