Parking Services

Reconfigured Portland Parking Garage Opening on January 18 to all USM Community

USM Parking Garage Update photo

When you enter the USM Parking Garage for the first time starting this Spring 2022 semester you will encounter some major changes which have been made to the 1st and Ground floor levels. These are in preparation for the construction of the new Parking Garage, scheduled to begin in the early spring behind Wishcamper Center.  

How Do I Enter the Garage

  • There will be one lane entering Surrenden Street to park in the garage, or to utilize the EV charging station, located outside of the garage.
  • Enter the garage on the right hand side.
  • Upon entering the garage in a single lane, all cars will be directed to turn right which will open to two lanes, where the garage entry gates have been relocated. As with the current procedure, you will either need a permit or to pull a ticket, to enter.  Following the “wayfinding” signs will direct you to parking on the 1st level, the upper and ground floor levels, or to the new exit gates.

How Do I Exit the Garage

  • The previous two exits on the Ground floor level, opening toward Wishcamper, no longer exist.
  • All traffic will now enter and exit on Surrenden Street, (previously just the garage entrance).
  • The two reconfigured exit gates, now located approximately 50 ft. from the previous Surrenden St. entry, will merge into one lane, as you are exiting the garage on Surrenden Street.
  • There will be two exit lanes on Surrenden St., enabling vehicles to either turn right on Bedford towards Forest Ave., or left on Bedford towards Deering Avenue.
  • New “wayfinding” signs will direct you through the new traffic flow patterns.

Pedestrian Safety

  • Crosswalks have been reconfigured in the garage. Please stay within these guidelines when walking in the garage, for your own safety.
  • Please honor the 5 mph speed limit in the garage.

Please see the new drawing of the reconfiguration, below, to provide a visual representation of the above changes. 

Also, parking in any Portland surface lots with any valid and current parking permit, until further notice, is effect.  

Stay safe by observing all traffic regulations and signs inside and outside of the garage. 

Thank you for your patience as we transition to the next stage of USM Portland’s campus redevelopment.


Reconfigured Portland Parking Garage Image