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September 17, 2021 Update on Parking Permits

USM Gorham Campus Photo

Hello Huskies!

Well, we are still working on the requests we received for permits, including more continuing to trickle in. Just bear with our 3 person staff as we work as quickly as possible with processing all the requests.

With this in mind, we are extending the Parking Garage opening of the exit gates. Make sure you take a ticket when you enter each time, but the exit gates will be open to leave for free until further notice. No need to pay to exit.

You will not get a citation for not displaying your permit if you do not have one until Monday, October 4, 2021

Due Note: That all other citations will be issued including parking in restricted parking spots, hashmarks, handicap spots, etc.  


⇒ Reminders ⇐

» Electric Vehicle Chargers, there is a 2-hour use limit! We are being told people are not moving their vehicles after the 2-hour limit to allow others the use of these chargers on either campus. You will get a citation for not unplugging and moving your vehicle.

» DO NOT ENTER the Garage from the Exits! You may cause an accident! Do not be impatience and do your time and wait in line like everyone else to enter the Garage.

» Also, pedestrians, do not use the vehicles exits or entrances to exit or enter the Garage. There is a walkway at the entrance and doors on either side of the exit side of the Garage.

» Do not park in any roadways or driveways, and places that that have signs saying No Parking.


Where to Park in Gorham

  • Commuters, students not living on campus, park in the Red signed surface lots
  • Upper Class Resident Students, living on campus, park in the Green signed surface lots
  • First Year Resident Students, living on campus, park in the Green/White signed surface lots
  • Employees, park in the Blue signed surface lots 


Where to Park in Portland - for all Students and Employees 

  • Park in the Garage, take a ticket to enter the Garage each time
  • Or in any Portland surface parking lots


Here are our parking maps for Portland and Gorham Campuses.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Parking Services Staff