Parking Services

Update on getting your parking permit!

Welcome Huskies Sign on Bedford St

Hello Huskies! 

Somehow, there was some misinformation given to the Dean of Students for his email he sent out today. 

Please know Parking Services, under the supervision of Dewey Ferguson, has the grace period until Monday, September 20, 2021.

We are still working on processing all the requests we have received by mail, email, dropping off, or the portal. 

Students, remember you must park legally or else you will receive a citation aka a ticket!

Remember to park in the following areas while waiting for your parking permit. This will help prepare you when you do have your parking permit in hand.

  • In Gorham, 
    • Commuters park in the Red signed surface lots
    • Upper Class Resident Students, living on campus, park in the Green signed surface lots 
    • First Year Resident Students, living on campus, park in the Green/White signed surface lots 
  • In Portland,
    • Park in the Garage, take a ticket to enter the Garage each time.
      • Note, once you do get your permit you may park in any Portland surface lot according to Alec Porteous’ statement

        Please do not park in any roadways or driveways. 

  • Here's our parking maps for Portland and Gorham Campuses. 

Due note that the Parking Services website is regularly updated when it is possible.  

Parking Services Staff