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Rucha Modak, Ph.D

Learning Designer
Rucha Modak, Ph.D


521 Glickman Library, Portland

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Phone: 207-228-8598

Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:30am–5:00pm; walk-ins welcome, appointment recommended

I was born and raised in the large, metropolitan city of Bombay, India and lived there until I landed one late summer day in central Pennsylvania. 6 years later, I graduated from Penn State with a doctoral degree in Instructional Systems. I started working as a learning designer with CTEL in late 2012, while still conducting assessment and research for Penn State’s Education Technology Services. The following May, I came on board as a full time employee of CTEL. I now help faculty members design online or blended courses, or make myself useful in any way that involves integrating technology in teaching and learning. 

At Penn State I spent over 4 years designing online learning resources for a wide variety of k-12 subjects, in collaboration with different stakeholders such as units within the university, local school districts and teachers as well as outside entities such as the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Then, I moved on to assessing the implementation of digital tools used in the university’s classrooms, such as videogames, lecture capture and digital storytelling. Simultaneously, I conducted research in informal learning, especially social learning, and remain extremely interested in the ways that communities support their members’ learning and practice.

I think this is a great time to be a part of higher education because we are looking at it with new eyes. I won’t try to predict where it will be in the next few years, but I invite you to enjoy the ride with CTEL!

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