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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Help for CEU activity participants

If you need help accessing your CEU transcripts, please contact the Professional Development Programs office at 207-780-5900 or Also, see the information sheet linked below for details about CEUs and recertification.

Information on Continuing Education Units (pdf)

Are you offering a workshop or course? The PDC reviews proposals and approves CEUs according to national CEU standards, allowing you to offer CEUs for your participants.

Program Eligibility

The sponsoring organization(s) must be a non-profit organization with an identifiable educational purpose. The program or activity must be an organized continuing education experience, planned in response to the educational needs of a target population or clientele group. For new CEU applications, the sponsoring organization(s) must provide the rationale, purpose, goals, description of program activities, performance evaluation procedures, and instructor qualifications (see application form). Qualified instructional personnel must be directly involved in conducting the program or activity.

CEUs are NOT awarded for the following types of activities: credit-bearing programs, high school equivalency courses, orientation programs, committee meetings, policy assignments, meetings and conventions (although educational activities held concurrently with these meetings may meet the criteria for CEUs), mass media programs, entertainment and recreation, work experience, individual scholarship, and self-directed studies.

The educational program and instructor may not encourage student participation in any specified political or religious organization, or promote the purchase of any profit generating products or services.

Application Timeline and Fee

New CEU applications should be submitted at least 30 calendar days prior to the beginning of the educational program to allow sufficient time for review and processing. CEU applications for activities that have been previously approved should be submitted at least 15 calendar days prior to the beginning of the program.

As of September 1, 2018, CEU applications are subject to a $75 processing fee per event, which will be invoiced after approval has been awarded (see below). This fee is for processing your application and also for the student record and information database that supports CEU courses. This database is maintained by the USM Professional Development Programs office.

Application Process

To apply for CEUs for your program/workshop, please download and complete the CEU Application Form linked below. If this is a new application, please self-assess your application materials with the review checklist linked below (under Approval Process).

CEU Application Form (pdf) - revised 11-21-19

Return the completed application form with relevant materials to the USM School of Education and Human Development by email to, by mail to PDC - 8 Bailey Hall, 37 College Ave, Gorham, ME 04038 or by fax to 207-780-5315. 

Examples of two different applications for CEUs:

Example 1: Training and Technical Assistance to implement the Food Hierarchy in Maine Public Schools (pdf)

Example 2: Nature, Nurture, and Neurodevelopment: The Neuroscience of Early Brain Development (pdf)

Approval Process

New applications are reviewed by members of the PDC Advisory Council with a criteria checklist. See the checklist linked below for reference.

PDC CEU Application Review Checklist (pdf)

You will be notified of the decision of the review committee regarding your application within about 15 business days of submission.


If you have questions about CEU approval for your activity, please contact Julie Marsh at 207-780-5400 or