Professional Development Center

EPC 566 Teaching Diverse Learners Online

Course Number: EPC 556
Course Title: Teaching Diverse Learners Online (CANCELLED)
Class #: TBA
Dates: June 24-August 9, 2013
Times: Asynchronous Weekly Online Sessions
Delivery: Online
Faculty: Cynthia Curry, University of Southern Maine
Credit: Three (3) Inservice Graduate Credits
Tuition/Fees: $1,359.00 (Maine Resident)
Registration Form: Click here or call 780-5055 

This fully online course is designed for teachers who are currently teaching in virtual learning environments or preparing to do so. It is an introduction to best practices in online pedagogy and the creation of digital learning resources that are accessible to the widest possible number of learners, including students with disabilities. Major areas of focus include: meeting national standards for online teaching; distinguishing among models of online learning; developing an online presence; communicating effectively; facilitating an online learning community; providing effective feedback; understanding the unique needs of students with disabilities in online learning environments; supporting the principles of universal design; creating and selecting accessible digital learning resources, including textbooks and Open Educational Resources (OERs) in multiple formats; implementing students' specialized programming, including IEPs and 504 plans; designing a robust and accessible online curricular unit. Students will need Internet access throughout the 7 weeks