Professional Development Center

Learning in the 21st Century Classroom Workshop Series

Learning in the 21st Century Classroom

Workshop Series

Dates: February 28; March 14; April 11; May 9, 2013
Times: 4:00pm-6:00pm
Location: 301 Bailey Hall, USM Gorham Campus
Credit: 1.0 CEUs ($20 processing fee)
Cost: $90.00 (all four sessions) includes refreshments
Presenter: Tom Lafavore, Ed.D. 

Registration: Please contact 780-5055 or 780-5054 to register or download the registration flyer. Space is limited, pre-registration is required. 


The emphasis of this series of four workshops is how educators and school leaders can collaborate on creating curriculum, instructional and assessment strategies to meet present Common Core standards’ mandates, and to ensure students possess 21st Century skills. The workshops will provide participants knowledge and skills to take back to their workplace colleagues, and share their experiences with other workshop participants in a community of learners’ environment.  In addition, the workshops use a scaffold approach so that knowledge and skills learned in one session form a foundation for what is discussed in the following sessions.  The workshops are also designed so participants can collaborate with each other on ways to incorporate the knowledge and skills into practice. 

February 28 - Understanding and Unpacking the Common Core 

Participants will gain knowledge in the national Common Core standards.  In addition, the workshop will assist participants in gaining skills in unpacking the standards to identify essential knowledge skills that are incorporated into classroom instructional activities.   

March 14 - Incorporating Critical Thinking Skills into Instructional Activities 

Participants will gain knowledge and skills how to teach, and have students demonstrate, selected critical thinking skills and incorporate critical thinking skills into instructional activities. 

April 11 - Formatively Assessing Instructional Activities 

Participants will gain knowledge and skills on how to develop formative assessments to track student progress on meeting the standards identified in the instructional activities. 

May 9 - Instructional Strategies 

This workshop explores instructional strategies to consider as students participate in the instructional activities. A portion of this workshop is dedicated to participants sharing their instructional activities and formative assessments with other workshop participants. 

Presented by Tom Lafavore, Ed.D.

As a teacher, teacher leader, building administrator, and district director of educational planning, Tom Lafavore has over 30 years in the field of education. His recent focus is on building 21st Century learning organizations.