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SPY 610 Developing a School-wide System of Behavior Support Today's schools are charged with improving school climate with a broad range of systemic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes. School-wide support includes procedures and processes that are intended for all students, all staff, and all settings. The school-wide PBIS process emphasizes the creation of systems that support the adoption and durable implementation of evidence-based practices and procedures, and fit within on-going school reform efforts. Participants in this course will work in collaborative groups to gain awareness, knowledge, and skills regarding SW-PBIS and to create action plans to build (or further develop) school-wide leadership teams who want to move more toward a preventative, positive, and educational model of school-wide discipline. Cr 3. June 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 2013 USM Gorham Campus
Poverty, Homelessness, Foster Care and Learning (EPA 512) This course, for teachers, administrators, and related service personnel, provides an interactive format for developing processes to support teaching and learning for students educationally at-risk due to poverty, homelessness, and foster care. Course participants will learn how to recognize and respond supportively to students in these situations, gain greater awareness of services and supports available in Maine, and learn strategies for integrating differentiated curriculum and instruction.
EPC 520 Creative Literacy: Building Literacy Through the Arts - Creative Literacy will be an exploration of the integration of literacy development and the arts. This class will engage you as active participants as we move through a series of workshops grounded in the Performance Cycle, a flexible framework for classroom literacy development that can be used at all levels of learning and across virtually all content areas. In addition to using various creative practices to deepen and demonstrate comprehension of a core text, participants will have time to reflect, engage in professional conversations with peers, and make plans to implement new learning strategies into current classroom practices. More information on this course can be found at July 22-26, 2013 USM Portland Campus
For more than 30 years, John Hunter, a public school teacher in Virginia, has been teaching his students the work of peace through a remarkable exercise that he created called the World Peace Game. Director Chris Farina has captured his work in the award-winning World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements, which interweaves Hunter’s story with his students' participation in the World Peace Game. The game triggers an eight-week transformation of the children from students of a neighborhood public school to citizens of the world. The film reveals how a wise, loving teacher can unleash students' full potential.
Jeremiah Conway, Author & USM Professor
What leads people into teaching and what sustains this motivation? For many it is the possibility of making a difference in people’s lives. This innate motivation is fragile and needs to be cultivated and nurtured. Without this care, it can easily end up lost, forgotten, or buried under countless duties and responsibilities
Elements of Teaching and Learning in an Early Childhood Montessori Classroom Environment (ECE 510) This course, sponsored by the Maine Montessori Institute, offers an overview of the philosophy and methods of Montessori education in early childhood settings. In this interactive format participants will explore the possibilities of utilizing the elements of the Montessori model for practical applications in their classroom environments. Teachers will have the opportunity to design original Montessori based materials. This course gives students the opportunity to connect Montessori theory and practices and incorporate them into best practices in their educational environments. This course is also part of a new Master’s of Science in Education in Teaching and Learning degree with a focus on Montessori Early Childhood Education. Visit to learn more!
SUMMER COURSE HIGHLIGHT! Responding to and Preventing Bias, Bullying and Violence in Schools This course will examine the dynamics of bullying and harassment in schools, with particular attention to the risk of escalation if bullying is not addressed with consistency and to the emotional impact on targets of harassment and bystanders. We will discuss and explore a variety of strategies for responding both to routine incidents of harassment and major incidents which affect the entire school community. We will explore prevention strategies for use both in the classroom and in the hallways.
The emphasis of this series of four workshops is how educators and school leaders can collaborate on creating curriculum, instructional and assessment strategies to meet present Common Core standards’ mandates, and to ensure students possess 21st Century skills. The workshops will provide participants knowledge and skills to take back to their workplace colleagues, and share their experiences with other workshop participants in a community of learners’ environment. In addition, the workshops use a scaffold approach so that knowledge and skills learned in one session form a foundation for what is discussed in the following sessions. The workshops are also designed so participants can collaborate with each other on ways to incorporate the knowledge and skills into practice.


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