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Southern Maine Partnership (SMP)

The Southern Maine Partnership (SMP) is a school-university collaboration that has linked schools and university in support of student learners since 1985. The Partnership has grown from a group of six school districts to a membership of 36 school districts, 2 private schools, and USM. Our membership represents over one-third of the public school students and teachers in the state and the major teacher education and leadership development university in the region.


The Southern Maine Partnership strives to support the development of schools that fulfill the promise of public education through promoting equity for all learners now and in the future. The Partnership has national ties as well as serves as a regional center of the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) and a member of the National Education Association (NEA). Current work centers on issues of equity, rigor, and personalization in classrooms, schools , and communities. Through networking, applied assistance, and research and dissemination, the SMP assists schools in fulfilling the promise of public education: to educate all students well and to prepare them for futures of promise.


Upcoming Events

  • Leadership Symposium: Educational Leadership Interns Present Their Leadership 

  • #Assessment Literacy: High-impact Teaching Strategies, Quality Summative Evidence, and Grading Practices

    • May 7-8, 2018 at USM Portland
    • The purpose of this year’s two-day conference is to strengthen the balance of our classroom assessment and assessment systems to support student growth in a standards-based education system. We will provide multiple workshops on high-impact teaching strategies that promote learning in the classroom, high-quality summative evidence of progress and proficiency, and high-quality grading practices that accurately measure learning while nurturing growth mindset.
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