Professional Development Programs


Learn it today, apply it tomorrow.

Choose practical, comprehensive training. Our instructors are professionals who bring extensive experience to the classroom and focus on the application of new skills and information directly to the workplace.

For Individuals

Training can be the most effective way to:

  • jump-start a new career
  • update your skills and your resume
  • prepare for a credentialing exam or maintain a credential with CEUs
  • prepare for a promotion

Choose a certificate program for a practical, comprehensive approach to a professional area. Our programs are 24 to 90 hours-long, depending on the topic, and are taught by experienced professionals who bring the field into the classroom.

Choose a shorter one to three-day workshop for an intensive, skill-based approach to a specific topic within a field. Your class will be fast-paced and interactive. You will leave with take-aways you can use the very next day. Browse Current semester's offerings.

For Businesses and Organizations

USM Professional and Continuing Education offers you options for training employees one at a time or training your entire team. We can supplement your in-house training by offering:

  • 50+ courses that address every aspect of your employees' performance goals
  • certificate programs that build capacity
  • an infusion of new ideas and skills
  • practical, current information in key areas
  • networking with colleagues from a variety of organizations throughout southern Maine
  • customized training for a cost-effective solution when you have more than 10 employees to train