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William Gavin

Professor of Philosophy


47 Exeter St.

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Phone: 207-780-4242

I received my Undergraduate degree from Fordham University in 1965. I also completed my Ph.D. at Fordham, with a Dissertation entitled "An Aesthetic Approach to the Philosophy of William James." My areas of interest in philosophy are American Philosophy, Death and Dying, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, and Russian Philosophy.

I am a member of the American Philosophical Society as well as The Society of the Advancement of American Philosophy. My favorite Philosopher is William James, who said "It is, in short, the re-instatement of the vague to its proper place in our mental life which I am so anxious to press on the attention" (James, The Principles of Psychology). My most recent book is anthology entitled: In Dewey's Wake: Unfinished Work of Pragmaticism Reconstruction.

Courses usually taught:
PHI 102E - Introduction to Philosophy: The Quest for CertaintyPHI 250 - Philosophy of Science, PHI 291 - Death and Dying,PHI 310I - Ancient Philosophy, PHI 350I - American Philosophy, and HON 202 - Progress, Process, or Permanence: All That is Solid Melts into Air