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General Internet Search Engines

As a last resort, you can always try searching the entire Internet. Internet searching is truly an art form; it often requires several attempts to begin to get the results you are seeking. Be patient! You will most likely have to wade through many, many irrelevant links before you find something valuable.

Google is currently my favorite search engine. It uses a new way of sorting matching websites which seems produce better results. Rather than sorting by "keywords" provided by the webpages themselves, they are sorted in terms of popularity on the net -- that is, the greater the number of other webpages that link to a page matching your search terms, the higher its rank in your search. Since better pages typically have more links pointing to them, you will get good results. In addition, Google allows you to select the language of your search (the default is 'All Languages'). In general, I'd start here if you want to do a general Internet search.

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