Philosophy Department

Kathleen Wininger

Professor of Philosophy
Major Advising Coordinator for Philosophy Dept.


Luther Bonney 246 (through Honors door LB 253), Portland Campus

Office Hours Fall 2015

Tuesday 2:30-4pm, Thursday 2:30-3:30pm, Wednesday & Friday by Appt.

Contact Information

Phone: 207-780-4928

My Undergraduate degree is from Southern Connecticut State University with a double major in Philosophy and Art History. I did additional work in Philosophy at Yale University, and in Art History in Austria, Bavaria, and Italy. My Ph.D. is from Temple University. I completed it in 1988, with a Dissertation entitled "Friedrich Nietzsche."

My areas of interest in Philosophy are Continental Philosophy, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Film, Social Ethics, Feminism, and African and African-American Philosophy. I am a member of the American Philosophical Association, the Radical Philosophical Association, the North American Nietzsche Society, SAPINA, the Society for Women in Philosophy, the Society for the Study of Women Philosophers, the Society for the Philosophic Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts, the African Scholars Association, and the American and International Society for Value Inquiry. My favorite Philosopher is Friedrich Nietzsche.

Courses usually taught:
PHI 112E Introduction to Philosophy: Feminist Perspectives, PHI 220 Philosophy of Art, PHI 221 Philosophy of Film, PHI 225 Philosophical Psychology, PHI 245 Africa, Social Justice & Exile, and PHI 312 Gender in African Literature & Film

Philosophy of Law Guest Lecturer

Lady Justice

Professor of Philosophy Robert Loudon welcomes guest lecturer Robert Ruffner, Esq. to speak in his Philosophy of Law (PHI 260) class. All USM students of philosophy and law are welcome to attend this lecture.

Thursday, November 19th at 2:45 in Luther Bonney #502, Portland Campus
Robert J. Ruffner, Esq. will be the Guest Lecturer in Professor Robert Louden’s Philosophy of Law class on November 19th at 2:45 in Luther Bonney #502. Ruffner, a trial attorney specializing in criminal defense, is a 1996 graduate of Washington University School of Law in St. Louis. Mr. Ruffner began practicing in Maine in 1999 as a Domestic Violence prosecutor with the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office. He then joined the litigation firm of Friedman Babcock & Gaythwaite where he practiced insurance and criminal defense. Ruffner formed his own practice in 2001 to focus on Criminal Defense.

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