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USM Professor Kate Wininger

USM professor talks about happiness on public radio's 'Maine Calling'

USM's Kate Wininger talked about happiness recently with Maine Public's Jennifer Rooks for the radio show "Maine Calling."
Dan Del Gallo

Daniel Del Gallo, 2017 Featured Graduate

In March, Dan Del Gallo became the first national champion wrestler in USM history, winning his class at the 2017 NCAA Division III Wrestling National Championships. He is also a scholar, twice earning elite status from the NCAA as the student-athlete with the highest cumulative grades participating at his finals.

USM Philosophy Department to Observe World Philosophy Day

The idea that we need to take time out of this hurry-scurry, high-tech world to think deeply and philosophically about the serious issues facing all of us is a concept gaining more and more prominence among many people. As part of its first celebration of World Philosophy Day on Thursday, Nov. 21, the University of Southern Maine (USM) Department of Philosophy, under the USM College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, will hold three public events emphasizing the importance of philosophy in our society.

Prof. Jason Read on Pervert’s Guides, Žižek and ‘They Live’

Bangor Daily news article featuring Professor Jason Read on Perverts Guide to Ideology.

USM Philosophy Symposium hosting benefit show Friday night

The USM Philosophy Symposium, our department's official student group, is hosting a benefit event Friday night at the Empire Dine & Dance.

How Professor Jason Read became an Internet meme

Our very own Professor Read became an Internet meme two weeks ago, reaching the popular news aggregation site Reddit and the blog of Wil Wheaton, an actor best known for his roles on "The Big Bang Theory" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Video: Philosophy faculty and students speak at OccupyMaine event

Professor Read and Professor Caffentzis were among the several speakers for an OccupyMaine teach-in that happened on the Portland campus last Thursday.

Video: Prof. Jason Read speaks about Collectivity and Individuality at UVU

On September 23, Professor Jason Read presented a talk titled "The Social Individual: Collectivity and Individuality in Capitalism (and Marx)" at Utah Valley State University as part of the school's Ethics Awareness Week.

George Caffentzis

Prof. George Caffentzis presents a report on: The MobilityShifts Conference at The New School, Open Forum of Occupy Wall Street & Occupy Maine Teach-Ins

Prof. Robert Louden Publishes New Book

Kant's Human Being Essays on His Theory of Human Nature Robert B. Louden