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Julie Ziffer

Physics professor to teach astronomy to Buddhist monks in India

USM Professor of Physics Julie Ziffer will spend part of her summer in India, where she will teach astronomy to Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns as part of the 2019 Robert A. Paul Emory-Tibet Science Initiative.

USM unveils collaboration with Maine composites industry leaders

The University of Southern Maine announced a new collaboration that will bring the Composite Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) and $1.5 million worth of equipment into the Michael E. Dubyak Center for Digital Science & Innovation at USM.

USM professor says Oumuamua is a 'rocky body,' not an alien creation

USM Professor Julie Ziffer believes that a tumbling, cigar-shaped object in space — named “Oumuamua” — is more likely to be debris than an alien “light sail” or probe, two theories raised by a Harvard University astronomer.
Westbrook ice disk, Jan. 22, 2019

Not 'just ice': USM faculty, alumni weigh in on Westbrook ice disk

USM faculty and alumni weigh in on the phenomenon that is the Westbrook "ice disk," and why it's gaining the global attention they think it deserves.
Westbrook floating 'ice disk' courtesy of Maine Public

USM's Nakroshis talks Westbrook's floating 'ice disk' on Maine Public

USM Associate Professor of Physics Paul Nakroshis discusses the possible causes of a massive, floating "ice disk" that appeared earlier this week in the middle of the Presumpscot River in downtown Westbrook.

USM's LaSala and Ziffer answer space questions on 'Maine Calling'

USM physicists Julie Ziffer and Jerry LaSala marked the 60th anniversary of NASA recently on the Maine Public’s talk show “Maine Calling.”
Julie Ziffer's Physics Students Dec 2017

Physics professor and student team analyze asteroids with NASA telescope

USM's associate physics professor Julie Ziffer and her team of students controlled NASA's infrared telescope remotely at midnight from the Portland campus to analyze asteroids.
USM Physics Professor Paul Nakroshis on WGME 13

Physics Professor Paul Nakroshis and Maine professors recruit 706 colleagues to sign letter to President Trump on climate change

A letter co-authored by USM Physics Professor Paul Nakroshis imploring newly-elected President Donald Trump to make climate change an "urgent priority" has earned the attention of Maine media.

Asteroid to give Earth a close shave, and USM expert is looking forward to it

Dr. Julie Ziffer, Associate Professor of Physics, spoke with the Bangor Daily News about the asteroid that came 'close' to Earth on February 15, 2013.

Asteroid named for USM Physics Professor

Dr. Ziffer, Assistant Professor of Physics,has been studying and researching asteroids in our Solar System for several years with a focus on asteroids made of ice rather than rock.