Office for Prior Learning Assessment

Welcome to PLA

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) believes that you, as an adult or an advanced student should be commended for your college-level knowledge, if it fulfills academic criteria set forth by the USM faculty. PLA has developed systematic ways to assess your learning competencies in a supportive atmosphere, supplying the academic bridge which effectively and efficiently connects practical with theoretical knowledge. The several pathways across the bridge include: testing options, credential reviews, and academic portfolio development, all of which smooth the way to academic credit where appropriate. These pathways across the bridge may save you both time and money, shortening and /or easing your path to degree achievement. Our services are available to the general public as well as to USM students.


If you are looking for an evaluation of your military transcript for academic credit, please contact Veterans Services, Lorraine Spaulding, Coordinator:, 207-780-5232, currently located in Payson Smith Hall.


Because PLA's program is an academic function, PLA invites the approval and involvement of the USM faculty in all credit decisions. We are consistent with USM's mission to "provide a wide range of programs responsive to students diverse in age, background, and experience; to be a center for discovery, scholarship, and creativity." Credits are issued in compatibility with the University of Maine System which grants credit for a minimum of C level work, though PLA credits are often higher.


Use your browser's print function for copies of forms and informational resources available in Adobe PDF format. Students are required to bring or mail to USM the required forms and fees for all PLA processes.


Please note that Prior Learning Assessment fees and credit outcomes are subject to periodic revision.