Office for Prior Learning Assessment

Welcome to PLA

We respect the learning you bring to USM. With Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), we can potentially reward you for it with college credit - saving you time and money as you work toward your degree.

PLA allows us to build a bridge between your practical/life knowledge and the academic learning we provide on campus and online. We are dedicated to helping students earn college credit for learning acquired outside the traditional academic environment. This can include knowledge gained from the workforce, a profession, and the military. Our pathways to academic credit might  include: testing options, credential reviews, and academic portfolio development. These assessments are available to the general public as well as USM students.

Military Credits

Served in the military? Our Veterans Services coordinator can review your military transcript to see if college credit is available based on your knowledge and experience. If you're looking for an evaluation of your military transcript for academic credit, please contact Lorraine Spaulding, Coordinator of Veterans Services:, 207-780-5232, currently located in Payson Smith Hall. She can help you get started and answer any questions you may have. Be sure to also check out the Veterans Services website.