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PLA DSST- Dantes Exams

DSST® EXAMS (Dantes)

DSST® exams are delivered by Prometric, Inc. and offer college pla-blaircredit for 38 subject areas, different than those offered by CLEP®. What started out as an educational aid to military service personnel (Dantes) has now expanded to a universal testing program for any student (DSST). The USM faculty has reviewed these exams and recommended credit and passing scores for these exams. You may want to view The DSST® Test Taker Information Bulletin for more information and background on the DSST exams. The DSST website is:

Here are the DSST® (Dantes) exams given at USM, their equivalent credits, and minimum test scores to achieve these credits. If your score will go to another college or university, please contact your school to determine its cut-off scores and course equivalents.

To Take a DSST® Exams at USM

  • Submit your PLA registration to: David Vardeman, DSST, Prior Learning Assessment, University of Southern Maine (USM), 240 Luther Bonney Hall, 85 Bedford Street, Portland, Maine 04104-9300, with a check or money order for $50 made payable to USM.
  • Contact David Vardeman at or (207) 780-4578 to schedule an exam. His office hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and by appointment. You will test in the USM Testing Room.
  • Testing times are at the convenience of the candidate and the testing center.
  • On test day you will pay for the test itself ($80) as part of the online DSST/Prometric registration process. Prometric accepts ONLY these credit cards:  Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Prometric does not accept Discover cards.

PLEASE NOTENo registrations will be accepted by either fax or e-mail.

Cancellation/Refund/Rescheduling Policies for DSST Exams

Study for the DSST® Exam (Dantes)

Study guides, practice tests, and additional information to prepare for the DSST® exams can be found at the  DSST® websiteAbbreviated fact sheets for each test can be downloaded freely, and we have them available for photocopy at the PLA Testing Center at 240 Luther Bonney Hall. You may also take 3 online DSST® practice exams.

Order an Official DSST® (Dantes)Score Transcript

To order a DSST® official score transcript, use this link or  call 877-471-9860 or  review this page. If at the time of testing, you did not specify that your test scores come to USM and you wish to have your credits posted to your USM transcript, request that your scores be sent to test site #9553 (the USM school code) care of Kate Mitchell, DSST, Prior Learning Assessment, 247 Luther Bonney Hall, USM, 85 Bedford Street, Portland, Maine 04104-9300. USM does not charge to post DSST credits to your USM academic transcript.