The Body Code/Neurodome

November 7, 2019 to September 11, 2021
Southworth Planetarium

The Body Code/Neurodome Double Feature:

Explore some of the body's intricate systems and then discover the wondrous worlds of the human brain!

Fly through the carotid artery; explore the eye, brain, ear, and heart. Then, shrink into a cell to see its nucleus and DNA within. Discover how DNA programs the body's cells to form the circulatory and nervous systems. Then watch from inside as lasers fight disease at the cellular level. (21 min.)



A 10 minute exploration of the human brain!


The most complicated thing in the known Universe, the human brain contains more neurons than there are stars in the galaxy!   Despite their impressive advances, neuroscientists are just beginning to understand the unfathomably complex mechanisms within our brain.    This whirlwind tour of the brain shows us how wondrous we truly are!


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Edward Gleason