Celestial Mythology Class

January 18, 2018 to February 8, 2018
Southworth Planetarium

Celestial Mythology



Eagled-eyed Helius Hyperion spied lusty Ares entangled with flighty Aphrodite and hastened to tell all to the cantankerous and cuckolded furnace churner Hephaestus who then ensnared his faithless wife and her pretty paramour in a bronze net where they, shamefaced and sans apparel, were set in full and open display before a Pantheon of bemused gods, most of whom snickered to themselves, but secretly regarded crimson-tinted Ares with an envy that could have inflamed continents.

 AND, you can bet your bottom drachma, ladies and gentlemen, that your child will NEVER hear that lovely yarn during  the Southworth Planetarium's "Celestial Mythology" courses.  We have wrung out the prurient and unseemly aspects of Celestial mythology, leaving only the sagas, adventures, monsters, mayhem,  quests, gods, goddesses, winged horses, and those tortured heroes that slumber miserably in their thrones tormented by the type of existential angst that besets those guys cursed with washboard abs and the adoration of millions.  

Throughout the four weeks, we'll cover all four seasons:  fifty constellations altogether.

A class designed for those who love the richness and complexity of celestial mythology.

$60.00 enrollment fee.

(Parents are welcome to attend the classes free of charge)

Session I:  January 18, January 25, Feb 1, and Feb 8


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Edward Gleason