COMING SOON: "Transit of Venus" Show!

Transit of Venus


Debuts at the Southworth Planetarium

Friday, May 4, 2012  at 7:00 p.m.


In June 2012, Venus will transit the Sun.  (Move in front of it from our perspective.)  One of the decade's most highly anticipated astronomical events, this transit will offer us the last opportunity to observe the second planet moving across the Sun's face for more than a century.  The next transit occurs in December 2117.  

The "Transit of Venus" omni-dome program focuses on the transit dynamics. How does it happen?  Why is it so rare?    This show also takes us back to the 18th century to discuss how astronomers determined the Sun's distance with observations of a previous transit.

The Venus Transit 2012 is the big astronomical event of the year!

Celebrate it with the Southworth Planetarium

Ticket prices:    $6.00  - adults;     $5.00 - children/seniors

Call 207-780-4249  or e-mail for more information.