Dinosaurs at Dusk!

September 6, 2013 to August 31, 2015
Southworth Planetarium


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A whirlwind time travel adventure back to the epoch of the dinosaurs!


We have to tell you that we've been waiting aeons to announce that we have a full dome, computer animated dinosaurs show! A larger than life extravaganza rife with roaring monsters from the ancient age: bounding, stomping, flying, hunting, and foraging frenetically above us.


Well, by heavens, now we can tell the world that the dinosaurs have arrived at the Southworth Planetarium!




Propel yourself back through the epochs toexplore an Earth teeming with Pteradons, Triceratrops and, of course, the ferocious -and therefore wonderfully marketable- T-Rex!


Sir Richard Owen*


And, if we can say so, this is NOT your great great great grandfather's dinosaur show with slides and lethargic Sunday afternoon nature special narration. Instead, we're embarking on a causality violating adventure through time to discover a planet dominated by the largest land animals that ever set claw to topsoil.




This September, come back to the Southworth Planetarium and then venture back to the Mesozoic era for a personal odyssey through the realm of the dinosaurs.


Matinee and evening shows!

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Edward Gleason