Fantastic Physics

April 11, 2017 to May 8, 2018
Southworth Planetarium

Tuesday mornings
10:30 a.m. - noon
April 3, 10, 24; May 1 and 8, 2018


Physics is the science of energy,  motion and change!  This course will focus on the concepts of how the Universe works: from the electrons within atoms to the flight of frisbees.   We'll demonstrate Bernoulli's Principle with kites.  We'll explain cosmology with balloons.

Galaxy and space-time

But, then what about flying broomsticks, star ships and time machines?   Can we actually someday build such vessels and devices?  This course not only focuses on what is known, but also on what is possible.   

time travel wormhole

Designed for middle and high school students and those with insatiably curious minds. 

Enrollment:    $60.00

$50.00 for members


Contact Information

Edward Gleason