February Fantastic!

Yes, we know!

Cabin fever broils at 212 degrees F during February school vacation week and you are anxious to get out of the house and into the world.   Of course, Southern Maine in late February is as cold as the Europa Ice Slide!    Solution?

Trying the "February Fantastic" week at the Southworth Planetarium!

What exactly is "February Fantastic?"

A week of fun, excitement, science and spectacle for the entire family!

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LASERSFull dome lasers!

Cronus ride  Saturn Rings

Full dome thrill rides!


Astronomy matinees!

Propel yourself back in time to the realm of the dinosaurs!

Careen wildly around the Sun aboard the Moebius Roller Coaster!

Soar to the depths of outer space!

Experience the sights and sounds of full dome laser lights!


And do all this at room temperature!