As we all know, Odysseus would have arrived home in half the time had the Delphic Oracle not commanded him to visit Portland, ME, and find the only parking space not kept under constant armed guard.    Since these ancient days, the parking situation has only become more entertaining.

When you visit the planetarium, you have a few parking options.  

[School group leaders, bus drivers, and those requiring special handicapped accommodation,  please proceed to the bottom of this page.]

FALMOUTH STREET:     One, you may park on Falmouth Street.  We have an array of metered spaces on our side of the street and two hour non-meter parking on the other side.  (For the 'protection' of local home owners, and because they consider citizen fist fights to be the highest form of performance art, the city of Portland recently removed about 10 of these un-metered spaces.  A vast army of attendants vigilantly patrol all these spaces: a number that must be constantly replenished to replace those attendants who descend into the unsounded depths within the potholes.  ha ha. Just kidding. The city repaved Falmouth Street  in 1066 in the hopes of perplexing invading Norman soldiers.)



BEDFORD STREET PARKING GARAGE:  We offer a parking garage on the next block over: Bedford Street.    Starting September 9, 2019, motorists will incur a charge to park in this facility.    You may park in the garage and then pass through the Abromson Center and along the sky walk en route back to the Science Building.    



The Science Building has handicapped parking spaces and a "busses only" space within the cul de sac in front.     This "busses only" space may be used also by those drivers who are using mini-vans and other large vehicles to convey people into the planetarium.    We have re-posted an image of the science building below:  conveniently, this photo doesn't contain any of the handicapped parking spaces or the busses only space.


We encourage you to avail yourself of these parking options.    Should you experience difficulty, please call us at 207-780-4249 for assistance  Note: We have all been certified in crisis counseling.