The Philosopher's Dome

School of Athens


 Are you interested in contemplation? Do you want to engage in philosophical discussions with like-minded people?    Would you like to discuss and contemplate in a star dome? 

Four philosophers

"The Philosopher's Dome" does not involve a lecture format.  Share your ideas about the profoundest questions of life, nature, ethics, and a variety of other topics.     The only pre-requisite is an interest in philosophy and an inclination to share that interest with others.

And, you determine the cost:  admission by donation.

 Infnite stairwell

NEXT GATHERING:   Monday, September 26     at 7:00 p.m.
"The Essence of the Infinite and Eternal."

We wax metaphysical during this gathering of the "Philosopher's Dome."   How can we comprehend the infinite?   Will our Universe persist forever?   Join us as we delve into the profound concepts of the infinite and eternal.