The Philosopher's Dome

March 5, 2013 to November 14, 2013
Southworth Planetarium

The Philosopher's Dome



A new discussion group from the planetarium that brought you the "Midnight Metaphysics Society."    Are you interested in contemplation? Do you want to engage in philosophical discussions with like-minded people?    Would you like to discuss and contemplate in a star dome? 

Four philosophers

"The Philosopher's Dome" involves a lecture format.  Share your ideas about the profoundest questions of life, nature, ethics, and a variety of other topics.     The only pre-requisite is an interest in philosophy and an inclination to share that interest with others.

And, you determine the cost:  admission by donation.

Location: Southworth Planetarium

Call 207-780-4249  or e-mail for more information. 

Contact Information

Edward Gleason