See our Gallery!


If you're a birthday party parent who wants to see the space in advance, or if would just like to see our gallery before you visit, these photos are for you!  

The planetarium gallery consists of three wide corridors. The first corridor, called the "Gamma Gallery"  is the location of our gift shop.   The longest of the three galleries, the Beta Gallery, is lined with National Geographic images and has an inflatable Earth hovering mysteriously in the middle of it.   (Well, if you couldn't see the string from which it is dangling, its hovering action would be mysterious.) The Alpha Gallery is our "historical region," as it contains panels depicting star charts and old star maps. It also has a globe and a  solar system model, both of which are enclosed in their own plastic cubes.   

 [NOTE:   We do assemble tables and chairs in these galleries for birthday parties.]

Photos by Sara Feldman




Alpha Gallery



AND HERE'S ANOTHER ALPHA GALLERY IMAGE SHOWING BOTH PLASTIC CUBES.  (Can you see the reflection of the Beta Gallery's "Solar System" rug on the plastic cube in the foreground?)

Alpha Gallery