Show Admission Prices


How much does it cost to attend a planetarium presentation? Well, that depends on the presentation and on you. What kind of person are you:

  • a child (17 or younger)
  • an adult (18 - 64)
  • a senior (65 - 120)  (Anybody 120 years old and older is admitted free)
  • USM student, faculty, or staff member
  • Planetarium member: Planetarium Membership Program

Admission Prices

Astronomy Matinees (weekends and vacation)

$5.50 - adults

$5.00 - children, seniors

USM students, faculty and staff and planetarium members are admitted free (Get used to reading that.)

Astronomy Shows (Evening)

$6.50 - adults

$6.00 - children, seniors

USM students faculty and staff and planetarium members are admitted free.

Combo price: To see both Friday evening astronomy shows, the price is:

$11.00 - adults

$10.00 - children, seniors

And, of course, USM students, faculty, staff and planetarium members are admitted to both shows free.


Admission by donation!

(We generally suggest a donation, which means that we've actually set an admission price for the lecture, but have given you the option to not pay it without fear of legal consequences.) 


$60.00  Enrollment

$40.00  For USM students, faculty, staff and planetarium members