STAR DOME ASTRONOMY: an introductory astronomy course

Starting April 17, 2012
Six Tuesday evenings
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Enrollment:   $60.00

Ten years ago the Southworth Planetarium started offering adult education courses, beginning with "Star Dome Astronomy," first scheduled in April 2002.    

The concept behind "Star Dome Astronomy" is quite simple: an astronomy course that utilizes the planetarium's star dome theatre during each class session.   After all, planetariums were invented to teach astronomy.  "Star Dome Astronomy" continues this tradition. 

The next session begins this coming April!

So, you've always wanted to learn the basics of astronomy, but were not sure how to begin.  The Southworth Planetarium invites you to begin with our introductory astronomy course!   Give us six Tuesday evenings and we'll give you the sky and Universe.  

Learn to identify constellations, read star charts, use a planisphere, and track planetary motions.   Students will also learn the stellar astronomy fundamentals:  how do stars work?  How can we know their distances and properties?   We also delve into deeper, cosmological topics such as the Big Bang, and Dark Energy.

Explore your Universe with Star Dome Astronomy.

Call 207-780-4249 or e-mail to register or for more information.