The Stone Circle Society

Wednesday, October 19, 2016     7:00 p.m.


The King's Men
"The King's Men"

In October, we focus on the Rollright Stones, a Neolithic Stone Circle consisting of “The King’s Men,”  “The King’s Stone,” and the “Whispering Knights.”    Constructed between the 4th and 2nd millennium BCE, the Rollright Stones have been the focus of British folklore for centuries.    One of the most famous tales claims that a King and his army happened upon the notorious witch Mother Shipton who transformed them into the stones that remain in place today.  They are said to become re-animated briefly at different times of the year. 

 Whispering knights
"The Whispering Knights"

Stone Circle Society “Prime Minister” Lawrence Price guides us through this mystical stone circle.  Was it an ancient burial site?    Were the Rollright Stones involved in elaborate rituals?   

 Mother Shipton

We invite you to join us as we learn about this deeply mysterious stone circle tucked away between

Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, in the U.K.