Stonehenge Scholar



The Southworth Planetarium started its Stonehenge-Solstice lecture in June 2008.   In that year and in the one following, we offered a "Mid-Summer's Eve at Stonehenge" program on the night before the summer solstice.    The program was so popular we added a "Mid-Winter's Eve at Stonehenge" program in December 2009. 

Now, the Stonehenge lectures are a celebrated planetarium tradition.  Around each solstice, we offer a special Stonehenge presentation.    The tradition began with Physics Professor Patrick Peoples.     After Prof. Peoples' retirement in 2011, Lawrence "Crocodile" Price became the new Stonehenge Scholar.   

Patrick Peoples.  Stonehenge scholar from 2008 - 2011

[We regretfully announce that Patrick Peoples died on December 6, 2017 at the age of 84.        We all miss you dearly, Patrick!]

Lawrence Price

Lawrence Price  (2012 -     )