Touching the Edge of the Universe

Touching the Edge of the Universe


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"Touching the Edge of the Universe", made on the occasion of the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, tells an exciting story similar to a motion picture with live actors and stunning visual effects. The show has been produced in cooperation between the Euopean Space Agency (ESA) and a grouping of planetariums in Europe. The show takes the audience on a breathtaking voyage of discovery, from Galileo's 17th century Tuscan villa to the tense countdown, launch and orbiting of the next generation of space telescopes - and out into the universe. These complex space telescopes will look at very distant events in space that our eyes can not see. They will observe the birth of stars and planets and look back to the very beginning of time. Touching the Edge of the Universe brings the secrets of the distant cosmos direct to your audience!

Show length:  27 minutes

[Show length refers to the duration of the show, itself.  Each presentation includes the show and then a live night sky and question/answer period]