Two Small Pieces of Glass: full dome version


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A full dome show about the history and science of telescopes.

Gaileo did not invent the telescope, but he was the first person to use the newly invented device to observe the sky. Through these observations the Italian philosopher-scientist concluded that the heavens were not perfect and immutable:  he observed lunar mountains, phases of Venus, Jupiter's moons, and even sunspots.     The two small pieces of glass revealed a Universe that was far more complex than previously assumed.

Telescopes have advanced considerably since Galileo's time.  Humanity now has large observatories and even a couple in outer space.  

The Two Small Pieces of Glass program shows how telescopes work; and how astronomers have used them to scrutinize the structures within our cosmos.  

Join us for this exciting full dome program that will introduce you to the amazing telescope.

Show duration:  25 minutes

(Note: each show includes a live night sky tour lasting 10 - 15 minutes, so the entire presentation is about 45 minutes.)