USM Public Safety

Campus Crime Log




January, 2016


  • Suspicious Incident, Glickman Library. Report of a suspicious grocery bag/package left behind. Checked by officer. Safe.
  • Motor vehicle crash. Hit & Run. G16 Parking Lot. Student reported a vehicle was struck by an unknown vehicle. Report taken.
  • Drug Complaint, Upperclass Hall. Report of the smell of Marijuana coming from the fourth floor. Officer investigating. Report taken.


  • 911 call, 59 Exeter St. Emergency phone from elevator rang into dispatch. No caller on phone or in elevator.
  • Drug complaint, Upton Hastings Hall. Smell of Marijuana reported from second floor.  Officer investigating.


  • Medical Emergency, Science building. Report of a person passed out. Portland Medcu transported.
  • Suspicious Incident, Law Building. Report of a person outside acting suspiciously. Unfounded
  • Attempt to locate for Gorham PD . GPD called to inform of us a vehicle driving erratically. Vehicle was found on Campus unoccupied.


  • Suspicious incident, G12 parking lot. Unfounded.
  • Medical Emergency, Robie Andrews Hall.  Gorham Rescue transported student to Mercy Hospital.


  •   Motor Vehicle Crash, 25 Durham St. M/V accident report taken.


  • Liquor law violation, Upton Hastings Hall. Gorham rescue called. Student transported to hospital for possible alcohol poisoning. Report taken.
  • Drug complaint, Upper Class Hall. Report of possible drug violation, second floor Dorm room. Under investigation.


  •  Motor Vehicle stop, Parking lot P8. Verbal warning issued for operating on sidewalk.
  •  911 call, emergency phone in Upper Class Hall elevator activated. Unfounded.
  • Drug Complaint, Robie Andrews Hall. Report of smell of Marijuana coming from second floor dorm room. Report taken


  • 911 call, emergency call from GS1 parking lot. Unfounded.
  • Medical emergency, Sullivan Gym. Rescue needed for a male with chest pains. Transport to Maine Medical Center. Report taken.
  • Harassment complaint, Student reporting possible harassment, Investigated by officer.
  • Drug Complaint, Robie Andrews Hall. Report of the smell of marijuana coming from dorm room on 3rd floor. Checked by officer and report made.
  • Drug complaint, GS1 parking lot. Officer investigating report of people using marijuana.


  • Motor vehicle accident, Parking Garage. Accident report taken.
  • Liquor law violation, Phillipi Hall. Report of a loud party at Philippi Hall on second floor. Officers issued summonses to District Court for "Furnishing a place for minors to consume."


  • Vandalism, Report of damage in the Parking Garage.
  • Vandalism, Parking Lot P2.  Report of criminal mischief/damage to a vehivcle. Report taken.
  • Medical Emergency, Science building. Portland Medcu dispatched for female that passed out.
  • 911 call, Officer responded to GS1 parking lot emergency phone. Unfounded.


  • Drug Complaint, Upper Class Hall. Report of the smell of Marijuana coming from Dorm room on second floor.
  • Medical Call, Ice Arena. Gorham Rescue called. Officer and Rescue responded, No transport.


  • Unwanted person, Glickman Library. Officer located a person that is not welcomed at the library. Trespass paperwork served by Officer.
  • Unwanted person, Woodbury Campus Center. Unwelcome person reported in the store. Unfounded, no official restriction in place.
  • Disturbance, Glickman Library. Staff reports two people fighting. Officer responded. Trespass paperwork issued.


  • Motor Vehicle Stop, Fort Hill Rd. Vehicle defect issued for brake light out.
  • Motor Vehicle Stop, Campus Ave. Verbal warning for stop sign violation.
  • Drug complaint, Upton Hastings Hall. R.D, Drug paraphernalia found and turned over to Police. Report taken.


  • 911 Call, 59 Exeter St. Emergency phone in elevator. No answer. Handled by Dispatch.
  • Motor Vehicle Crash, G20 Parking lot. Vehicle struck parked car. Report taken.


  • Attempt to Locate, Parents called about locating son on Gorham campus. Student located.


  • Abandoned Motor Vehicle, 88 Bedford St Parking Garage. Vehicle towed. Report taken.


  • Abandoned Motor Vehicle, G20 parking lot. Dispatch made contact with the owner. Vehicle will be moved in the next two weeks.


  • Criminal trespass, Glickman library. Staff reports that a subject known to them is trespassing. Subject was assrested by USM Officer and transported to the Cumberland County Jail.


  • Burglary report, Glickman Library. Staff reports that a known subject had broken into the Library and while doing so damaged an exterior door. Report taken. Officer investigating. Update: Subject identified, criminal charges pending.


  • Disorderly Conduct and Assault,  Ice Arena, 55 Campus Drive. Report of a Student being disorderly and would like them removed. Student was uncooperative and assaultive. Was arrested for Assault and taken to the Cumberland County Jail. Also charged with Minor Consuming Liquor.


  • Motor Vehicle Accident, G20 Parking Lot. Vehicle rolled out of parking space and into another vehicle. Report taken.


December 2015


  • Theft Complaint, Philippi Hall. Student reporting a theft from their dorm room. Report taken.
  • Drug Complaint, Philippi Hall. Officer reports the smell of marijuana from a dorm room at Philippi. Investigated and report taken.
  • Theft Complaint, Falmouth St Portland. Facilities reports the theft of a License plate from a university vehicle. Under inv.


  • Security Alarm, Science Building Portland. Misuse of alarm by employee. False Alarm.
  • Suspicious Activity, disturbance.  Parking Garage Portland. Subject yelling from outside the Garage. Officer spoke to same and trespassed them from USM property. Report taken.


  • Wellbeing Check, 55 Campus Drive. Saco PD asked us to locate a subject reference to a wellbeing check.


  • Motor Vehicle Crash, 36 University Way. Report of a property damage motor vehicle accident. Report Taken.
  • Drug Complaint, Upton Hasting Hall. The smell of marijuana reported coming from 2nd floor of Dorm. Officer investigating.
  • Security Alarm, Philippi Hall. RA on duty reports an alarm going off via the alarm panel. Trouble Alarm RM 312. Officer checked the area, no issues. Called placed to Facilities Maintenance. Report Taken.


  • Assist Other Agency, Gorham PD. Officer dispatched to assist Gorham PD with a Disturbance in Gorham. Assistance given.
  • Suspicious Incident, Woodbury Campus Center. Employee of Aramark reporting a suspicious incident or activity. Officer investigated. No Criminal activity reported.


  • Attempted Theft, Brooks Student Center. Officer reports the attempted theft of  the ATM machine from the  Foyer area of Brooks Student Center. Report taken. Under investigation.


  • Wellbeing check, Philippi hall. Officer checking on wellbeing of a student. Student found, all set.


  • Disturbance, Upperclass Hall. Report of loud music from the fourth floor. Two students warned.
  • Motor vehicle crash, G11 parking lot. Report of a car striking a parked vehicle. Report taken.


  • Suspicious Activity, Woodbury Campus Center. Employee reports that an unknown person attempted an unauthorized access. Under inv.


  • Motor vehicle crash, G3 parking lot. Vehicle came out of park and rolled into another parked vehicle. Vehicles moved, no damage..


  • Drug Complaint, Woodward Hall. The smell of marijuana reported coming from a dorm room. Officer investigated. Report taken.
  • Medical emergency, 47 Campus Ave. Report of a subject that injured his arm playing basketball. Gorham rescue transported to Maine Medical Center. Report Taken.
  • Liquor Law violation, Woodward Hall. RA requesting a walk through for liquor violations. Officer assisted.


  • Suspicious person, Campus Drive. Unfounded, Student was waiting to give another a ride.
  • Drug complaint, Robie Andrews hall. Report of the smell of marijuana from a specific dorm room. Officer investigating. Report taken.
  •  Liquor law Violation, Upton Hastings Hall. Officer checked wellbeing of student. Report taken.           


  • Theft, Woodward Hall. Student reports that his back pack and laptop were stolen from the lobby. Report taken.
  • Motor vehicle crash, P2 parking lot Portland. Delayed report. Accident report taken.
  • Medical emergency, Ice arena. Hockey player injured. Gorham Rescue dispatched. Transported to Hospital.
  • Medical emergency, Philippi Hall. Student having trouble breathing. Gorham Rescue called.  No transport.
  • Drug complaint, Drug violation, GS1 parking lot. Officer summonsed student for possession of marijuana.
  • Liquor Law violation, Upton Hastings hall. Intoxicated person on fourth floor hallway. Officer investigating. Report taken.


  • Roeprt of Suicidal individual, Upton Hastings hall. Report of a student that wanted to harm themselves. Located and is safe.


  • Suspicious incident, Glickman library. Staff member found items and would like to have them turned over to Police. Officer investigating.
  • Criminal trespass, Upton Hastings hall. Student who had been trespassed has returned and gone into a dorm room. Officer arrested him for Criminal trespass.
  • Drug complaint, Woodward hall. Report of the smell of marijuana coming from a dorm room. Officer investigating, report taken.
  • Drug complaint, Robie Andrews Hall. Report of the smell of marijuana coming from a dorm hallway. Officer investigated. Report taken.


  • Drug Complaint, Upton Hastings Hall. Report of the smell of marijuana in the dorm hallways. Officer investigated.
  • Wellbeing Check, Philippi Hall. Report of an intoxicated female student. Officer investigated.


  • Liquor Law violation, Medical transport. Upton Hastings Hall. Intoxicated Female Student transported to Maine Medical Center. Report taken.
  • Suicidal Individual, Upton Hastings Hall. Report of a possible suicidal person. Officer assisted, resolved.
  • Vandalism, Criminal Mischief Upton Hastings Hall. Report of damage done to Elevator Panel. Report taken. Investigation pending.
  • Motor Vehicle stop, Campus Ave. Warning for expired registration.
  • Assist other departments, Gorham P.D.requesting an Officer to their station for assistance.


  • Paper Service, 88 Bedford St Parking garage. Officer issued a summons.


  • Paper Service, Luther Bonney Hall. Officer advised that a student was served with Subpoena.


  • Paper Service, Payson Smith Hall. Student was served a criminal trespass order for the Woodbury Campus Center.
  • Paper Service, 8 Sherman St, Portland. Criminal trespass notice served warning not to return to Sullivan Gym.

November 2015


  • Recovered stolen motor vehicle, G11 Parking lot. Officer located a  stolen vehicle out of Portland Maine. Report taken, Portland Police notified.


  • Keep the peace, Ice Arena. Request for an Officer to patrol Lobby while patrons leave the youth hockey game. Officer handled.


  • 911 call, 59 Exeter St elevator. Checked, All set no emergency.
  • Disturbance, Sullivan Gym. Report of people fighting in the Gym. Handled by officer.
  • Motor Vehicle crash, G11 Parking Lot. Hit and Run, Vehicle was hit in parking lot. Report taken by officer..


  • Security Alarm, Wishcamper Center. Facility Maintenance called reporting a trouble alarm. Alarms restored on computer.
  • Suspicious Activity, Glickman Library. Report of a couple people, disturbing others. Officer handled.


  • Paperwork Service, Cumberland County Jail. Criminal Trespass paperwork served.
  • Disorderly Conduct, School St. Gorham Police reports vehicles on School St getting egged. Officer investigating.


  • Vandalism, Criminal Mischief: Upton Hastings hall. Report of damage done to fourth floor hallway. Sheetrock was damaged. Investigated.


  • Drug violations: Parking lot G13A. Officer out with two Males. Two summonses to Portland District Court issued for Drug possession.
  • Medical emergency, Phillipi Hall. Officer with a student that appears to be sick. Gorham Rescue transported to Maine Medical Center. Report taken.
  • 911 call, Maine Medical Center Parking Garage. Call transferred to Portland P.D.


  • Motor Vehicle Accident, G7 parking lot. Two vehicle crash. One vehicle was operating without lights. Report taken.
  • Drug complaint, Robie Andrews Hall.  Caller reports the smell of marijuana. Officer investigating. Report taken.


  • Drug complaint, Anderson Hall. Caller reports the smell of marijuana. Officer investigating. Report taken.


  • Suspicious Incident, Glickman Library. Report of a bag left behind in a book shelf. Officer investigated, personal property. Placed in Property.
  • Paperwork Served, Anderson Hall. Trespassing paperwork served on a student.
  • Criminal Trespass, Anderson Hall. Person might be back in building. Officer investigated, report Unfounded


  • Suicidal individual, Upton Hastings. Officer responded to a report of a student making threats to harm themselves. Gorham Rescue transported to Maine Medical Center.
  • Vandalism, Upton Hastings Hall. Report of Ceiling tiles ripped out of the ceiling on the fourth floor. Report taken, Under Inv.
  • 911 call, Parking Garage. Elevator phone called in. No answer. Officer dispatched and checked the area. All set.


  • Drug Complaint, Anderson Hall. The smell of Marijuana reported from 5th floor Anderson. Search conducted. Report Taken.
  • Drug Complaint, Anderson Hall. Search conducted, report taken.
  • Medical Emergency, Upton Hastings Hall. Gorham Rescue transported to Maine Medical Center. Report taken.
  • 911 call, E phone GS1. Unknown caller, Officer dispatched, nobody near the phone. All Set.
  • Medical Emergency, Ice Arena. Report of a 4 year old boy has fallen. Gorham Rescue called. Patient taken to Maine Medical Center. Report Taken.


  • Paper service, Anderson Hall. Criminal Trespass paperwork served on a student.
  • Parking Violation, GS1 Gorham. Vehicle towed for outstanding parking fines.
  • Drug Complaint, Philippi Hall. Report of suspected drug use. Investigated and Report taken.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident, 43 Campus Ave.  Vehicle struck a building. Accident report taken..


  • Parking Violation, GS1 Gorham, vehicle towed for outstanding parking fines.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident, parking garage. Report taken.


  •  Paper Service, Upper Class Hall. Officer serving court summons.


  • Medical Emergency, Sullivan Gym. Student not feeling well, Portland MEDCU evaluated student. Report Taken.
  • Security Alarm, Science Building.Officer investigated. False alarm, reset.
  • Odor of Smoke from Upton Hastings. Officer investigated. Incense burning.
  • Drug Complaint, Philippi Hall. Odor of marijuana reported. Officer investigating and report taken.
  • Medical Emergency, Upton Hastings hall. Medical issue, Gorham Rescue transported student to Maine Medical Center. Report Taken.
  • Drug complaint, G13C Parking Lot. Paraphernalia confiscated. Report Taken.


  • Arrest: Troy Sprague, age 41,  transient, arrested by USM Police on an outstanding warrant. Also charged with Criminal Trespass.


  • Drug Complaint, Anderson Hall. Caller indicates the smell of Marijuana from 3rd floor. Officer investigated and report made.


  • Liquor Law Violation, Upper Class Hall. Report of intoxicated student, Gorham Rescue transported to Maine Medical Center. Report taken.
  • Medical Emergency, Parking lot P9, 72 Falmouth St. Portland Rescue transporting to Maine Medical Center.


  • Wellbeing check, Philippi Hall. Officer requested to check on students well being.



  • Motor vehicle accident, Hit & Run, parking garage. Officer investigating a hit and run accident at 88 Bedford St in the parking garage. Under inv.


  • Abandoned Motor vehicle, Parking Garage. Officer report an abandoned vehicle parked in the Parking garage. Vehicle towed. Report Taken.
  • Harassing phone calls, Robie Andrews Hall. Caller wanted to speak to an Officer in regards to harassing phone calls.


  • Theft report, 28 Husky Drive. Male Student reports identity theft and credit card fraud. Under investigation


  • Medical emergency, Upton Hastings. 2Female Students not feeling well. Transported two female students to Maine Medical Center. Under inv.

October 2015


  • Liquor Law Violation, Woodward Hall. Officer investigating. Report taken.


  • Drug Complaint, Upton Hastings Hall. Smell of marijuana. investigated


  •   Motor Vehicle Accident, G6 parking lot. Officer investigated and report taken..
  •   Drug Complaint, Upton Hastings Hall. Smell of marijuana. Officer investigating, report taken.


  • Theft Report, Russell Hall. Back pack stolen from Russell Hall. Report taken.Under Investigation
  •  Drug complaint, Upton Hastings Hall.  Smell of Marijuana. Officer investigating, report taken.


  • 911 call, Luther Bonney Hall. Elevator Chair emergency phone activated. Handled by  communications.
  • Security Alarm, Glickman Library. Alarm reset.
  • Medical transport, Public Safety. Student was transported to Maine Medical Center by Rescue. Report Taken.


  • Suspicious Incident, Woodbury Campus Center. Report of a person yelling in line at the dining area. Officer investigated, resolved.
  • Suspicious Incident, Luther Bonny. Report of a found backpack with a weapon inside. Report taken, Under investigation.


  •  Security Alarm, Robie Andrews Hall. Emergency door activation. Officer handled.


  • Disorderly Conduct, Anderson Hall. Student warned for disorderly conduct. Referred to Community Standards.


  •  Vandalism, GS1 Parking Lot, Gorham Campus. Owner reports their Vehicle has a broken passenger side mirror. Report taken.
  • Assist other Agency, Gorham Police Department. Gorham would like us to look for vehicle on our Campus that was driving erratically. Vehicle located for GPD.
  • Drug Complaint, Anderson Hall. Smell of Marijuana reported. Investigated.     


  • Medical Emergency, Corthell Hall. High School Student needs Medical assistance. Rescue transported to MMC
  • Domestic Disturbance, Upper Class Hall. Investigation pending.
  • Drug Complaint, Anderson Hall. Smell of Marijuana 3rd floor. Investigated


  • Drug Complaint, Upton Hastings. Smell of Marijuana from 2nd floor. Investigated
  • Medical Emergency, Payson Smith Hall. Transport to Maine Medical Center.
  • Drug Complaint, Upton Hastings. Report of the Smell of Marijuana. Report Taken.


  •  Drug Complaint, Upper Class Hall. Investigation Pending. Report Taken.


  • Medical Emergency, Parking Garage. Student needed medical assistance. Rescue transported. Report Taken.
  • Security Alarm, Upton Hastings Hall. Tamper Alarm Sounding. Representative contacted.


  • Liquor Law Violation, G20 Parking Lot. Subject intoxicated in parking Lot. Transported off Campus. Summons issued for Alcohol Violation. Report Taken.
  • Paper Service, Robie Andrews. No Contact order served by officer.


  • Assist Other Agency, Cumberland Farms. Assisted Gorham PD with a transport.
  • Medical Emergency, Robie Andrews. Student intoxicated, transported to Hospital. Report Taken. Summons issued for Alcohol Violation.


  • Security Alarm, 246 Deering Ave. Emergency Door Alarm Activation. Accidental.
  • Disturbance Call, Woodward Hall. Report of a Loud Party. Report Taken. Summons Issued for Alcohol Violation.


  • Suspicious Activity reported,  Officer investigated. No Report.
  • Medical Emergency, Upton Hastings Hall. Officer Transported Student to Mercy  Hospital. Report Taken.

Paper Service, Anderson Hall. Summons issued to a Student for Alcohol Violation.


  • Liquor Law Violation, 28 Husky Drive. Subject intoxicated, summons was issued and called a Taxi for transportation.
  • Criminal Trespass violation, 32 University Way. Student was warned for trespassing. Report Taken.
  • Wellbeing Check, 16 University Way. Student not feeling well and confused. Rescue called. Report Taken.


  • Security Alarm, 21 Falmouth St Portland. Accidental Trip. Alarm Reset.


  • Disturbance, UpperClass Hall. Officer investigated report of people yelling.
  • Drug Complaint, Robie Andrews Hall. Officer investigating the Smell of Marijuana. Report Taken.
  • Drug Complaint, Robie Andrews Hall. Officer investigating. Report Taken.


  • Vandalism Complaint, 55 Campus Drive. Subject reports Vandalism to his vehicle while parked overnight. Report Taken.


  • Motor Vehicle Stop, Deering Ave. Officer issued a traffic summons..
  • Theft report, Woodbury Campus Center, 35 Bedford St. Reported theft over night. Report Taken.



  • Medical Emergency, 34 Bedford St, Wishcamper. Medical emergency, subject transported to Hospital. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Activity, GS1 62 School St. Officer investigated. All set, Unfounded.
  • Motor Vehicle Crash, 35 Bedford St. Officer took an Accident report.


  • Security Alarm, Art Gallery. Accidental Trip, Alarm reset.



  • Security Alarm, Sullivan Gym. False Alarm, tripped by Patron of the Gym. Report Taken.
  • Criminal Trespass, 25 Husky Dr, Upperclass Hall. Known subject was trespassed from Building. Report Taken.
  • Drug Violation, 40 Campus Ave, Anderson Hall. Smell of Maijuana coming from Dorm Room. Reportt Taken, Under investigation


  • Paperwork Service, 40 Campus Drive, Anderson Hall. Summons issued for Possession of Liquor by a minor.
  • Assist Other Department, Assisting Gorham Police Department.
  • Vandalism, 52 University Way, Upton Hastings Hall. Report Taken, Under Investigation



  • Drug Complaint, 40 Campus Ave, Anderson Hall. Investigating the report of the smell of Marijuana. Report Taken.
  • Drug Complaint, 25 Husky Dr, Upperclass Hall. Investigating the report of the smell of Marijuana. Report Taken.
  • Liquor Law Violation, 25 Husky Dr, Upperclass Hall. Court summons issued for Possession of Alcohol by a Minor.



September 2015



  • Liquor Law Violation, Robie Andrews. Student Intoxicated. Rescue transported to Maine Medical Center. Summons issued. Report Taken.
  • Vandalism, Baseball field. Investigation pending. Report Taken.
  • Paper Service, Luther Bonney. Court Paperwork. Officer advises no contact.
  • Disturbance, Abromson Center. Caller report people causing a disturbance. Officer Handled.
  • Drug Complaint, Anderson Hall. Caller reports the smell of Marijuana. Investigation pending. Report taken.
  • Paper Service, Robie Andrews. Summons served. Officer handled.



  • Liquor Law Violation, Anderson Hall. Student intoxicated. Rescue called. No Transport. Report Taken.
  • Liquor Law Violation, Anderson Hall. Rescue called. Student transported to Maine Medical Center. Summons to court issued. Report Taken.
  • Security Alarm, Upper Class. Alarm sounding. Officer Handled


  • Rescue Call, Upton Hastings Hall. Intoxicated Student transported to Maine Medical Center. Report Taken.
  • Drug Complaint, Sullivan Gym. Caller reporting finding drugs on Campus. Officer Handled.
  • Suspicious Incident, Parking Garage. Caller report a suspicious incident in a motor vehicle parked in the garage. Officer Handled.
  • Parking Violation, P3 Parking Lot. Vehicle towed for outstanding Parking violations. Report Taken.
  • Disorderly Conduct, 246 Deering Ave. Caller reporting harassment. Trespass paperwork pepared.


  • Theft, Bailey Hall. Report of the theft of Sunglasses. Report Taken.
  • Suspicious Incident, Robie Andrews Hall. Report of a Student with a possible Weapon. Officer confiscated an Air Soft Pellet Gun.


  • Vandalism, G12A. Caller reports Criminal Mischief to a vehicle. Left a message for Vehicle owner. Officer investigating.


  • Security Alarm, Central Heat Plant. Unauthorized access. Building Checked Alarm Reset.
  • Vandalism, Upton Hastings Hall. Report Graffiti to inside of Residence Hall. Investigation pending. Report Taken.

  • Drug Complaint, Phillippi Hall. Smell of Marijuana on the first floor. Report Taken.


  • Suspicious Person, Upton Hastings Hall. Trespass Violation. Unfounded


  • Suspicious Incident, Bedford Street. Officer checking on Suspicious Vehicle. Officer Handled.

  • Motor Vehicle Stop, 96 Falmouth St. Summons issued. Report Taken

  • Theft Report, Payson Smith Hall. Officer took a theft report involving a stolen Laptop.

  • Drug Complaint, Upton Hasting Hall. Report of Marijuana violation. Investigated by officer, report taken.


  • Rescue Call, Woodbury Campus Center. Student having an allergic reaction to bee sting. Rescue transported to Maine Medical Center. Report Taken.

  • Suspicious Activity, Upton Hastings Hall. Reported group of Students outside Upton Hastings Hall. Summons issued for Possession of Alcohol by Minor. Report Taken.

  • Disorderly Conduct, Woodbury Campus Center. Report Taken.

  • Paper Service. Anderson Hall. Officer attempting to Serve Summons.


  •  Disturbance, G6 Parking Lot. Parking Dispute. Officer Handled, Report Taken.

  • Rescue Call, Woodbury Campus Center. Student feeling ill. Rescue transported to Maine Medical Center. Report Taken.


  • Suspicious activity reported at Corthell Hall. Checked by officer. unfounded.


  • Fire Alarm, 228 Dering Ave. Fire Alarm Malfunction. Portland Fire Department Handled Call.


  • Security Alarm, Payson Smith Hall. Officer checked area. Alarm restored.
  • Paper Work Service, 28 Husky Drive. Trespass Notice served.


  • Security Alarm, Robie Andrews. Exterior Door Alarm. Alarm restored.
  • 911 Call, Glickman Gas Meter. Officer checked on Meter. All Set, malfunction.


  • Suspicious Incident, Dickey Wood Hall. Officers Dispatched. Call Closed.
  • Bail Violation, Upper Class Hall. Student arrested for Violation of Bail and taken to Cumberland County JailReport taken
  • Drug Complaint, Upton Hastings Hall. Investigated. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Incident, Brooks Student Center. Students fleeing Student Center. Gorham Fire Department Dispatched to Brooks Student Center. Four Students Transported to Hospital. Investigation Pending. Report taken.
  • Disturbance, Anderson Hall. Gorham Rescue Dispatched. Report taken


  • Suspicious Incident, G2A. Officer checking on a person in a vehicle. Subject found sleeping.
  • Drug Complaint, Upper Class. Drug use suspected. Investigation Pending. Report taken.
  • Motor Vehicle Stop, GS1. Report taken.
  • Fire Alarm, Anderson Hall. Nothing Showing. Alarm Restored. Report taken.
  • Disturbance Call, Brooks Student Center. Person causing a scene. Student removed from Brooks Dining Hall. Report taken.
  • Public Indecency, Brooks Student Center. Investigated. Report taken.


  • Suspicious Incident, Woodbury Campus Center. Investigation Pending. Report taken.
  • Motor Vehicle Crash, G2A Parking Lot. Report taken.


  • Fire Alarm, Robie Andrews, Fire reported in room 209. Gorham Fire Department Dispatched. Fire Out. Investigation pending. Report taken.


  • Vandalism Complaint, Hodgdon Field. Investigation pending. Report taken.
  • Motor Vehicle Crash, Gorham Campus G19. Investigation Pending.
  • Vandalism Complaint, Upton Hastings Hall. Report taken.


  • Drug Complaint, Upton Hastings. Officer investigated. Report taken.


  • 911 Call, University Way Extension.  People on Baseball Field. Officer moved them along.
  • Security Alarm, 37 University Way Extension. Alarm Set off Accidentally. Alarm reset.


  • Vandalism Complaint, Upton Hastings Hall. Report Taken. Investigation pending.


  • Paperwork Service, Upper Class. Officer served Criminal  Trespass Notice.
  • 911 call, 59 Exeter St. False call. Area checked by officer.
  • Drug Complaint, Upper Class Hall. Summons issued for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.
  • Suspicious Activity, 19 Campus Ave. Report of people looking in Shrubs. Officer advises a student lost their Cell Phone.
  • Suspicious Activity, Baseball Field. Officer advises that it looked like a fire from earlier was still burning. Officer checked, advises all set.
  • Motor Vehicle Stop, State St Gorham. Officer advises Warning issued for a defect.
  • Security Alarm, Glickman Library. Employee on Scene, all set False alarm. Report taken.


  • Security Alarm, Sullivan Gym. Accidental trip. Alarm reset.
  • Security Alarm, Art Gallery. Accidental trip. Alarm reset.


  • Drug Complaint, Gorham Campus, Parking Lot G12. Summons issued for Drug Paraphernalia.  Report taken.
  • Suspicious Activity, Bailey Hall.  Backpack found in a bathroom. Officer made contact with owner. Owner advises it was last seen in a Lab room. Owner has claimed it.
  • Theft complaint, Bailey Hall. Reporting party advises her cell phone was taken from her backpack at Bailey Hall. Report taken.
  • Fire Alarm Activation, Field House. False Alarm. Smoke detector needs to be replaced. Alarm reset. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person, Bailey Hall. Faculty member reporting a suspicious person known to them. Report taken.


August 2015


  • Report of a Suspicious Person, Chamberlain St, Portland. Transient person, Officer moved them along.


  • Assist other Agency, Gorham PD. Dispatched to Cumberland Farms, assisting Gorham. Officer Handled.
  • Assist other Agency, Gorham PD. Dispatched to 250 Main St Gorham. Assist Gorham PD with an Arrest at PD. Officer Handled, Report Taken.


  • Suspicious Person, Hastings Formal Lounge. While Officer was checking the Building to Secure for the night, a person was found sleeping inside one of the classrooms. Person was cooperative. Dispatch called taxi and Subject was transported off campus. Report Taken.
  • Mulch Fire, Officer reported Smoke in Bark Mulch outside Upton Hastings Hall. Officer put out Fire and soaked area with Water. Cause of the Fire was a cigarette burning. Nobody in area. Report Taken.


  • Criminal Trespass, Glickman Library. Staff called in regards to a known subject back at the Library. Officer removed subject from the area. Report Taken.


  • Security Alarm, Bailey Hall.  Checked by officer. Security Company working on Alarms. No Report.


  • 911 Call, USM Lewiston transferred call in regards to problem in Portland. Call was transferred to Portland Police Department.
  • Suspicious Person, Law Building. Officer advised of an intoxicated Male bothering pedestrians, looking for money. Person was last seen heading to Law Building. Officer checked area. Gone on arrival. Officer was advised person left area via Brighton Ave.
  • 911 call, E-Phone G20. Phone is malfunctioning. Email sent to notify of condition.


  • Harassment Complaint, Upper Class, Report Taken.
  • Theft complaint, Wish Camper Center, Student reports a bike stolen. Report Taken. Bicycle was found and returned to Owner.
  • Theft Complaint, Parking Garage. Vehicle was burglarized. Report Taken, Under Inv.
  • Motor Vehicle Crash, Gorham Campus Parking Lot G13. Accident Report Taken by officer


  • Motor Vehicle Crash, Portland Parking Garage. Report Taken by officer.


  • Motor Vehicle Crash, Gorham Campus, 36 University Way Extension. Report Taken.
  • Disturbance, Glickman Library. People asked to leave. Handled by officer, Report Taken.
  • Suspicious Person/activity, Glickman Library. Moved along, No Report.
  • Security Alarm activated, Upton Hasting Hall. Emergency Door activation. Alarm Reset.


  • Security Alarm, Alarm activation in error. No Report.


  • Liquor Law violation. Possible Drinking in Public, G16 Parking Lot. No report.


  • 911 Call, Glickman Library. False Call. No Report.
  • Security Alarm, Upton Hastings. Emergency Door Activation. Alarm Reset.


  • Abandon Motor Vehicle, Vehicle Parked in Middle of University Way. Owner Located, vehicle moved. No Report.


  • Vandalism, Upton Hastings. Hole punched in the wall. Officer investigating. Report Taken.


July 2015


  • Security Alarm for trade Building Portland Campus. Alarm reset and Employees all set at Location.
  • Burglary Alarm for Payson Smith Hall. Employee called to say they entered the Alarm Code, and alarm went off. Employee error.


  • Theft Report. Science Building. Caller reports that a wallet was taken from the science Building. Report Taken.


  • Security Alarm for Woodbury Campus. Set off by employee. All set. Alarm reset.


  • 911 E-Phone G19. Nobody on Phone. Officer checked area. All set no caller.
  • Assist other Agency, Gorham PD, Disturbance, Suspect Left area before Officer arrived. Assistance Given. Report taken.


  • Motor Vehicle Stop, School St, Summons issued for Speed and Inspection. Verbal warning for registration. Report taken
  • Motor Vehicle Stop, Green St, Summons issued for inspection. Report taken


  • Motor Vehicle Stop, School St, Verbal warning for Speed.


  • Vandalism Report, Parking Garage, Officer Advises that he heard a motor vehicle squealing tires in garage. Vehicle gone upon arrival. Black marks left in garage. Officer investigating.


  • 911 Call, Pocket Dial, Called back, all set.


  • 911 Call, panic Alarm Woodbury Campus Center, Book Store. Officer advises all set, Power loss to building tripped panic alarm.
  • Disturbance Sullivan Gym, People Yelling in Lobby, Officer warned subjects for disturbing the peace.
  • 911 Call, Law Building E-Phone, Nobody on Phone, Officer checked Area, no caller in area.


  • Suspicious Activity, G16 Parking lot, large group of people in Parking Lot. Moved along, student showing Campus to others in group.


  • Burglary, Masterton Hall, Faculty reports the theft of a Computer from a locked Office. Officer recovered Computer, Off Campus. Investigation Pending. Report Taken.
  • Burglary, Payson Smith, Officer discovered a Stolen Computer, Off Campus that belonged to the Math Department. Investigation Pending. Report Taken.


  • Harassing Phone Calls, Woodward Hall, Student reports getting harassed via Facebook. Report taken.
  • 911 Call, Robie Parking Lot E-Phone, Nobody on the line, Officer Checked Area all set no Caller in Area.
  • 911 Call, Sullivan Gym Parking Lot, E-Phone, no Answer upon Call Back, All set No caller in Area.
  • Paperwork Transfer. Sergeant transferring Harassment paperwork to State Police, In regards to prior Harassment call.


  • Security Alarm, MTB Building, set off by employee.


  • Motor Vehicle Stop, Forest Ave, Traffic Summons issued for Seatbelt Violation. Motor Vehicle Stop, Bedford St, Traffic Summons issued for Inspection Sticker.
  • Motor Vehicle Stop, P2 parking lot, Traffic Summons for Insurance and Seatbelt Violation.
  • Suspicious Person, Parking Garage Portland, Suspicious person on roof of garage, Subject gone when the Officer arrived.
  • Disruptive person, Glickman Library, Officer made contact with person involved, Officer discovered the person was wanted, subject arrested.


  • Security Alarm, Bailey hall, Handled by Officer.
  • 911 Call, Law Building Elevator, E-Phone in elevator hang up call. Faculty in building reports someone may be stuck in elevator. Faculty called back indicating elevator was is empty.


  • Disruptive person, Glickman Library, Officer met with Subject, They were trespassed from the Library.


  • Motor Vehicle Stop, Off Campus, Vehicle stopped and driver warned for not using head lights.


  • Motor Vehicle Stop, Bedford St, Traffic Summons for Stop Sign Violation. Motor Vehicle Stop, Woodmont St, Verbal warning traffic violation.