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Internship Forms and Guidelines

PPM 696 Internship Summary

Students in Muskie’s MPPM program are eligible to enroll in PPM 696 (Public Service Internship) in any semester: summer, fall, or spring. It is typically taken for 3 credits so that it can be helpful in counting towards the completion of a student’s degree. To earn 3 credits for PPM 696, a student must work a minimum of 140 hours at their internship site. Students will also complete the associated paperwork and assignments in addition to these hours.

An internship can be completed at any point during a student’s program of study. Students should discuss with their advisor the best time to complete an internship based on their particular schedule and needs. Students are responsible for finding their own internship placement. However, all students are encouraged to speak with their advisor, their program chair, and/or the Coordinator of Internships & Field Placements if they are looking for assistance in their internship search.

The internship course is a Pass/Fail course. No letter grade will be assigned. Please see the catalog course description for PPM 696 for further details.

Internships can be paid or unpaid. Payment may be hourly or in the form of a one-time stipend. Whether or not an internship is a paid experience has no effect on earning academic credit for the internship.

An internship site and job description must be approved before a student can register for the internship course and begin their internship experience. Once a student has identified a prospective internship opportunity, they should send the proposed job description to Yuseung Kim (yuseung.kim@maine.edu). Professor Kim will either approve or not approve the internship proposal.

Once Professor Kim has given his approval of an internship site and job description, the student should contact Kathryn Cavallero (kathryn.cavallero@maine.edu) to get the internship packet and the necessary approval form. The approval form requires signatures from the student; the student’s MPPM faculty advisor; and the Chair of the MPPM Program (Yuseung Kim). Please note that a resume must be attached to the approval form. Also please note that a job description signed by your site supervisor at your host site must also be attached.

Once the form and other paperwork is ready, a student will submit their packet to Kathryn Cavallero (kathryn.cavallero@maine.edu). Kathryn will sign off on it and forward the information to the Muskie Office so a student can be registered for the course. Kathryn will also reach out to the employer/internship host site to connect with them and send them the Educational Affiliation Agreement. Each organization must have a signed Educational Affiliation Agreement on file with the University of Southern Maine before a student can begin the internship hours.

As part of their internship experiences, each student will be asked to complete a “Mid-Term Memo” roughly halfway into the semester. This memo can be short and informal but should contain a brief summary of what the student has done so far in their internship; what they hope to do in the second half of the internship; and their successes and struggles thus far. The Mid-Term Memo should be sent via email to both the Faculty Sponsor of the internship – Yuseung Kim at yuseung.kim@maine..edu – and the Coordinator of Internships & Field Placements – Kathryn Cavallero (kathryn.cavallero@maine.edu).

Near the end of the semester, students will be asked to write a Reflection Paper as a summary of their experiences. Professor Kim, as the Faculty Sponsor and instructor of the PPM 696 course, will provide further details on the expectations for this paper. Typically, the paper will be between 1 and 5 pages and will include an updated Resume onto which the student has added their recent internship experience. The Reflection Paper is due no later than the final day of classes for the semester in which the student is enrolled in PPM 696.

A grade of Pass/Fail will be assigned to a student primarily on the basis of a successful written evaluation from the Site Supervisor at the internship host site. Near the end of the semester, an evaluation form will be sent to your Site Supervisor. They will be asked to fill out a short evaluation form and also provide a written letter evaluating your performance as an intern. This letter will be returned to Yuseung Kim. He will use a satisfactory evaluation from your employer as the basis for a grade of “PASS” for the internship course. An unsatisfactory evaluation from a Site Supervisor may result in a grade of “Fail” for the course.

PPM 696 Internship Process

Identify an internship opportunity that you would like to pursue. Go through the application and interview process (or whatever process is required by the employer). As soon as possible, acquire a JOB DESCRIPTION for the internship position and send it to Yuseung Kim (yuseung.kim@maine.edu) for approval. An internship site and job description must be approved by Yuseung Kim before a student can move forward with the process!

Once your internship is approved, contact Kathryn Cavallero (kathryn.cavallero@maine.edu) to make sure you have all the paperwork you need and a that you have a full understanding of the internship requirements. If you don't already have the paperwork, she will give you the Internship Approval Form and other documents to help you throughout your internship. You will need to get signatures from your MPPM Faculty Advisor, from Yuseung Kim as the Chair of MPPM, and from your Site Supervisor at your host site. Once the paperwork is completely filled out with all necessary signatures (as well as an attached job description and Resume) you should return your packet to Kathryn. Kathryn’s office is located in 123 Luther Bonney Hall. Scans of your paperwork via email are also fine. Please feel free to email Kathryn in advance to make an appointment if you need to stop by to submit paperwork or have any other questions along the way.

Kathryn will approve your submitted internship packet and share it with Amy Fox, the Administrative Specialist for the Muskie School of Public Service. Amy will register you for PPM 696 in the appropriate semester. If you have any question about your course registration, please feel free to reach out to Amy at amy.fox1@maine.edu.

After you’ve been enrolled in the internship course, Kathryn will send an Educational Affiliation Agreement to your internship site. Each organization must have a signed Educational Affiliation Agreement on file with the University of Southern Maine before a student can begin the internship hours.

Once you’re registered for the course and all paperwork is in place, you are free to begin your internship hours! Please track your hours for your own records and in case verification is needed by USM. You must complete a minimum of 140 hours to earn 3 credits for your internship.

Don’t forget to complete the required assignments throughout the semester – a Mid-Term Memo and a Final Reflection Paper – by their respective due dates. You will also be sent a student evaluation form to complete at the end of your experience. Please return the evaluation at your earliest convenience.