Political Science Major

Fall 2013 Course Listings

POS 101: Intro to American Government

Klotz: M, W 1:15-2:30, Portland

Schmidt: T 4:10-6:40, Portland

This course focuses on the political institutions, processes, behavior, and problems of government in the United States. The national government is emphasized. Key topics include: the Constitution, Supreme Court, Congress, Presidency, political parties, public opinion, and interest groups.


POS 104: Intro to International Relations

Edwards: Online Class

Edwards: M, W 2:45-4:00, Portland

Examination of the relationships of nations in their efforts to deal with each other from differing political, economic, and cultural bases.

POS 203:Intro to Political Science Research

Vassallo: T, R 10:15-11:30, Portland

An introduction to the way political scientists conceive and carry out research projects. Students will learn the scientific method: how to formulate theories, gather data, and test hypotheses. They will be taught how to find political science sources in the library, how to document sources in footnotes and bibliography, and how to conduct legal research in a law library. Students will eventually complete a major research project. This course is required for all political science majors, who are strongly urged to take it during their first or second semester after declaring the Department.

POS 205: Intro to Comparative Politics   

Vassallo: T, R 1:15-2:30, Portland

An introduction to the field of comparative politics with a focus on political systems and political participation.  The course will examine political institutions, electoral laws, comparative methodologies, political culture, and the problem of establishing and maintaining democratic government.  Case studies will be used to highlight major themes.

POS 256 Media & Politics

Klotz: M,W 10:15-11:30, Portland

POS 280: Issues Before the UN

Edwards: T 4:10-6:40, Portland

POS 290: Intro to Political Theory

Schmidt: T,R 2:45-4:00, Portland

A survey of political theory from ancient times to the present.  Themes include the nature of democracy, freedom, equality, power, legitimacy, justice, and the use of lying in political life.

POS 380: Topics: African Americans & American Justice

Rowe: T 5:35-8:05, Portland

POS 392 American Political Thought

Schmidt: T,R 11:45-1:00, Portland

 Prerequisite: POS 290, or sophomore status, or permission of the instructor.

POS 399 Topics- Transitional Justice

Edwards: M,W 11:45-1:00, Portland


POS 47X: Internships

 Klotz: M 4:10-6:40, Portland

Provision may be made to gain professional experience in a number of specialized areas. The course is open only to selected students; contact Internship Director (Professor Klotz) for details.  Students will meet for a series of internship seminars, for which readings and reports will be required.  Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.

POS 470 Electoral Politics Internship 

POS 471 Internship in Private & Semi-Public Organizations

POS 472 Not-for-Profit Internship

POS 473 Municipal Administration Internship

POS 474 Federal Executive Internship

POS 475 Congressional Internship

POS 476 Internship in Washington D.C

POS 477 State Internship

POS 478 State Judiciary Internship

POS 479 State Legislative Internship

POS 480 International Affairs Internship