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In this discussion, Kalikow shares her thoughts on what she thinks the future holds for state universities, and for institutions across the higher education spectrum.
Chancellor Page
Chancellor Page delivers the "State of the University" biennial address to the Maine State Senate and House of Representatives.
The University of Southern Maine joins Mayor Michael Brennan in a new education partnership intended to provide support from children, students and workers from "cradle-to-career"
United by their challenges in finding trained computer and technology professionals, seven Maine businesses have combined their financial and human resources to work with Educate Maine and in partnership with the University of Maine System to find a solution to this nationwide problem.
University Chancellor James Page and USM President Theo Kalikow will share their views on the challenges facing higher education here in Maine and elsewhere at the presentation, “The Future of Higher Education: Philosophical Perspectives,” to be held from 5 to 7 p.m., Tuesday, February 26, in the Moot Court Room of the University of Maine School of Law, 246 Deering Avenue, Portland.
In early January, I went to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. It was supposed to be to celebrate my retirement. Right. Before that part of the trip, we toured around Quito and surrounding areas in the Andean highlands. Quito is the capital of Ecuador, with more than 2 million people, stuffed with monumental churches, museums and public buildings.
This is a wonderful thing about humans. People will help you if you let them. This is not the whole truth, and sometimes it's not the most important truth. But it is a truth. It is a precious thing to be part of all the networks that make up our lives -- parent, child, teacher, student, staff member, alumna, veteran, sports fan, political party supporter, member of a profession, town resident, and on it goes.
In true Maine fashion, mass customized learning is a way to refashion, remodel and build on stuff we already know how to do, so that all children can learn and be excited to come to school every day. They become empowered and self-aware learners and doers.
President Kalikow's November article in the Kennebec Journal.
President Kalikow
President Kalikow provides an update on her first five months at USM.


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