Office of the President

2014 Annual Recognition Event

The 2014 Annual Recognition event will be considerably scaled back to move us toward a more fiscally sustainable celebration and give greater attention to those who have dedicated so much of their lives to USM. And yes—it absolutely will be a celebration of faculty and staff reaching milestone anniversaries, employees transitioning to retirement, and our USM family coming together in good times as well as, well, you know.

The 2014 event will be two-tiered: honorees and their immediate supervisors are invited to a ceremony from 1:00 to 2:00 PM, and all employees are invited to an open congratulatory reception after the ceremony from 2:00 to 3:00 PM.

Thursday, May 22, 2014
1:00–2:00 PM Ceremony (Invited honorees only)
2:00–3:00 PM Open Congratulatory Reception (All employees)
Sullivan Gym, Portland

Below is a list of the 2014 honorees.

The President’s Office would like to thank the Classified and the Professional Senates for hosting this revised event. We would also like to thank the countless USM colleagues (you know who you are) who volunteered to make this event possible!

We hope to see you all on May 22nd to celebrate our colleagues and our university!


 If you were unable to attend this year's recognition event, or have not received your USM husky or longevity pin, please contact Sharoo Wengland by calling 207-780-4487. Thank you. 


2014 Recognition of Honorees List

This list of honorees and their calculation of years of service have been created utilizing completed time of employment as of calendar year 2013. Other lists and other celebrations have used (and may continue to use) alternate, non-calendar year criteria.

Name Position Years of Service
Theresa Bishop Contracts and Grants Accountant II 5
Curtis Bohlen Director of Casco Bay Estuary Partnership 5
Patricia Carson Field Epidemiologist 5
Catherine Claypoole Administrative Manager: Law School 5
Gary Davis Administrative Clerk 5
Theodore Deppe International Program Coordinator 5
Mark Delisle State Director of Small Business Development Center 5
Laura Dyer Research Analyst II: CYF 5
Cathryn Egan-Arnold Administrative Specialist CL1 5
Maureen Ebben Lecturer in Communication/Media Studies 5
Susan Hamilton Coordinator of Multicultural Student Affairs and Native American Waiver Program 5
Margaret Hausman Lecturer in Chemistry 5
Jami Jandreau Assistant Director of Financial Aid 5
Dana Kerr Associate Professor of Risk Management and Insurance 5
Patricia LeClerc Administrative Specialist CL1 5
Eric Libby Police Officer 5
Wendy Mitchell Administrative Specialist CL1 5
Kevin Normand Assistant Director of the Sullivan Recreation and Fitness Complex 5
Harold Patton Facilities Maint Worker CL1 5
Nancy Peterlin Administrative Specialist CL1 5
Joseph Pistone Head Coach: Wrestling 5
Christopher Rand Mech Specialist Plumber CL2 5
Gene Reaves Facilities Maint Supervisor 5
Lauren Reid Head Coach: Women's Lacrosse 5
Linda Samia Assistant Professor of Nursing 5
Elizabeth Sarazin Financial Aid Counselor 5
James Schilling Assistant Professor of Exercise Health and Sports Sciences 5
Justin Swift Financial Manager/Business Manager Division of Student Affairs 5
M.A. Watson Director of Classification and Compensation 5
Nicole White Administrative Specialist CL2 5
Jennifer Wiles Training Specialist II: Child Care and Early Education Career Development Center 5
Denise Yob Research Associate I: Epidemiology 5
Mark York Assistant Coordinator of Athletics and Recreation: Fitness/Wellnes 5
Deborah Arbique Administrative Specialist CL2 10
Jean Bessette Research Associate I: JPP 10
Stephen Brasier IT Specialist CL2 10
John Brunette Lecturer in Mathematics 10
Melissa Burns Coordinator of Career Services and Internships 10
Carol Calderwood Facilities Maint Worker CL1 10
Robert Chalmers Facilities Maint Worker CL1 10
Timothy Cronin Facilities Maint Supervisor 10
Douglas Currie Associate Professor of Biological Sciences 10
James Davis Laboratory Associate:  Biology 10
Rolf Diamon Lecturer in Sociology 10
Raymond Dumont Coordinator of Student Government Business Operations 10
Cheryl Gildard Project Assistant I: PDA 10
Carolyn Gray Research Associate I: PHHP 10
Gretchen Greenberg Research Analyst II: CYF 10
Jeffrey Gramlich Professor of Accounting and L L Bean/Lee Surace Endowed Chair in Accounting 10
Christy Hammer Associate Professor of Social & Behavioral Sciences 10
Karl Henrikson Head Coach: Men's Basketball 10
Sarah Hopkins Administrative Specialist CL2 10
Catherine Johnson Purchasing Technician CL2 10
James Kilbride-Johnson Struct Spclst Carpenter C 10
Erica King Policy Associate II: JPP 10
Debora Laughton Administrative Specialist CL1 10
Michael Maher Mech Specialist Mechanical CL1 10
Jeffrey Maine Professor of Law 10
John Manoogian Mech Specialist Plumber CL3 10
Corinne Martin Instructor of Holistic Health 10
Robin McGlauflin Web Support Specialist 10
Dorothy Mottershead Administrative Specialist CL1 10
Heather Monroe Administrative Specialist CL2 10
Rachel Morales Associate Director of Admissions/Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment 10
Karen Moulton Research Associate II: Duboise Lab 10
Laure Nickerson Administrative Specialist CL2 10
Lawrence Nowinski Clinical Instructor of Natural and Applied Sciences 10
David Nutty University Librarian and Director of Instructional Technology and Media Services 10
Laura O'Neill Coordinator of Student Affairs/Academic Counselor 10
Cheng Peng Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics 10
Leslie Pohl Administrative Specialist CL1 10
Carla Randall Associate Professor of Nursing 10
Judith Roy Accounting Support Spclst CL3 10
Jason Saucier Director of Student Life: Gorham 10
Sue Schier Administrative Specialist CL2 10
James Sloan Research Associate I: CEPARE 10
Judith Spross Professor of Nursing 10
Cheryl Thompson Software Support Specialist I 10
John Warren Library Specialist CL2 10
Maureen Wissman Grants and Contract Specialist 10
Meredith Adams Administrative Specialist CL1 15
Jan Allen Facilities Maint Worker CL2 15
Tina Aubut Administrative Specialist CL2 15
Michael Bachand Facilities Maint Worker CL1 15
Joan Boggis Human Resources Specialist: Academic Affairs 15
James Bradley Staff Associate for Teacher Education, Leadership Studies and Student Success 15
Stuart Bratesman Policy Analyst: PDA 15
Laurie Caton-Lemos Instructor of Nursing 15
Ellen Chickering Professor of Music 15
Rosemary Cleary Associate Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences 15
Cindy Cordiner Facilities Maint Worker CL1 15
Karen Croteau Professor of Sports Medicine 15
Paul Dexter Coordinator of Learning Support 15
Shannon Gouzie Laboratory Manager 15
Tina Gressani Senior Computer and Database Specialist 15
Robin Hoose Coordinator of Recreation and Fitness Programs 15
Jason Howard Director of Computer Technology 15
Daniel Hughes Assistant Director of DBAS 15
Lynn Kuzma Dean of College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 15
Richard Lambert Lead Fac Maint Worker CL2 15
Therese Martin Administrative Specialist CL2 15
Rodney Mondor Coordinator of Student Success - Portland 15
James Morgan Telecommunications Technical Specialist II 15
Leigh Mundhenk PT Reg Associate Professor, Director of Field Experiences 15
Christopher O'Connor Director of Student Life: Portland 15
Lynelle Philbrick Manager of Bookstore: Lewiston/Auburn College 15
Judy Shepard-Kegl Professor of Linguistics 15
Andy Smith-Petersen Institutional Research and Data Specialist 15
Flynn Ross Associate Professor of Teacher Education 15
Herbert Smoluk Associate Professor of Finance 15
Dana Thompson Assistant Director of Telecommunications 15
Shelton Waldrep Professor of English 15
Jie Zhao Associate Professor of History 15
Erika Ziller Senior Research Associate 15
Peter Aicher Professor of Classics 20
Robert Boothe Associate Professor of Computer Science 20
Binney Brackett Administrative Specialist CL2 20
Ruth Conly Administrative Specialist CL1 20
David Eldridge Software Support Specialist I: Student Labs 20
Linda Evans Educator Preparation Placement and Certification Coordinator 20
Laurie Grant Administrative Specialist CL1 20
Elinor Hague Administrative Specialist CL2 20
Victoria Hayes Physician 20
Susan Jensen Staff Associate: Financial Aid Information Systems 20
Joseph Johnson Facilities Maint Worker CL2 20
Judith Letarte HR Liaison CMHS 20
Drew Masterman Accounting Support Spclst CL1 20
Kate Mitchell Staff Associate: Assessment 20
Marie Nadeau Administrative Support Supvsr 20
Sherry Phillips Assistant Director of Conferences 20
Brenda Ricker Staff Associate: Technology and Info Reporting 20
Carol Sadler Clinical Counselor 20
Carol Sobczak Assistant Director of Student Computer Services 20
Carol Taylor Accounting Support Spclst CL2 20
Tamara Whittington Financial Aid Specialist CL1 20
Tammy Berry Administrative Specialist CL1 25
Maureen Booth Director of Managed Care Initiatives: PDA 25
Ardis Cameron Professor of American and New England Studies 25
Joseph Capelluti Professor of Education 25
Alice Cash Director of Student Affairs 25
Vincent Faherty Professor of Social Work 25
Evelyn Greenlaw Head of Campus Library 25
Richard Grover Associate Professor of Management 25
Kerry Herrick Purchasing Technician CL1 25
Elizabeth Higgins Executive Director for Student Success 25
Walter Kimball Professor of Education 25
Pamela Lariviere Administrative Specialist CL2 25
Allan Leighton Manager of Survey Research Center 25
Janis Mallon Director of Training/Senior Psychologist 25
Karen Mauney Computer and Database Specialist III 25
Ah-Kau Ng Professor of Applied Immunology 25
Shannon O'Connor Library Specialist  CL2 25
Therese Pelletier Director of Administration 25
Jan Piribeck Professor of Art 25
John Plante Library Specialist  CL3 25
Robert Raymond Jr. Facilities Maint Worker CL1 25
Charles Retus Facilities Maint Worker CL1 25
Betty Robinson Associate Professor of Management & Organizational Studies 25
George Violette Professor of Accounting 25
David Wagner Professor of Social Work and Sociology 25
Frederic Aiello Associate Professor of Associate Business Administration 30
Julie Hamlin Data Management Tech CL2 30
Cindy Macdonald Administrative Specialist CL2 30
Joseph Medley Associate Professor of Economics 30
Mark Swanson Professor of Geology 30
James Westfall Associate Professor of Business Administration 30
Kathleen Ashley Professor of English 35
Marthina Berry Director of Student Financial Information Systems 35
Jeremiah Conway Associate Professor of Philosophy 35
June Heggeman Administrative Specialist CL2 35
Charles Kading Professor of Theatre 35
Christine Long Administrative Manager: Maine SBDC 35
Lanier Lumbert Coordinator of Collection Management Services 35
Cheryl McCall Library Specialist  CL2 35
Marilyn MacDowell Library Specialist  CL2 35
Kerry Bertalan Administrative Specialist CL2 40
Richard Campbell Chief Financial Officer 40
Joel Gold Professor of Business Administration 40
Melvyn Zarr Professor of Law 40
William Gavin Professor of Philosophy 45
Carolyn Hughes Collections Librarian 45


RETIREMENTS 2014: January 2014 – August 2014

Name Date of Retirement
Bob Anderson 1/2014
Rosemary Johnson 1/2014
Toni Passerman 1/2014
Mary Ann Siteman 3/2014
Nan Bragg 5/2014
Shannon O’Connor 5/2014
James Westfall 5/2014
Robert Caswell 6/2014
Ruth Conly 6/2014
Meredith Adams 7/2014
Therese Pelletier 7/2014
Arthur Weyand 7/2014
Robert Atkinson 8/2014
George Burk 8/2014
Bruce Clary 8/2014
Robert Coakley 8/2014
Margaret Fournier 8/2014
David Hartley 8/2014
Ken Jones 8/2014
Charles Kading 8/2014
Kali Lightfoot 8/2014
Rose Marasco 8/2014
Helen Peake-Godin 8/2014
Charlotte Pryor 8/2014
Barbara Rich 8/2014
Nancy Richeson 8/2014
Betty Robinson 8/2014
Melody Shank 8/2014
David A. Vanderlinden 8/2014
Zark VanZandt 8/2014
Nancy Wanderer 8/2014
Thomas Ward 8/2014
Charles Welty 8/2014